The Voice 2012 Season 3 Recap: The Best of the Blind Auditions

For tonight’s The Voice season 3 episode, we’ll revisit the best of the blind auditions with commentary from host Carson Daly and The Voice 2012 judges Blake Shelton, Christina Aguilera, Cee Lo Green and Adam Levine. Since they can’t possibly review all of The Voice auditions for season 3 in the recap episode, we’re curious to see who the producers will decide are the ‘best of the blind auditions’ to feature tonight.


This post contains The Voice 2012 season 3 spoilers from the best of the blind auditions episode. Please stop reading here if you do not want to know what happened!

Tonight’s episode of The Voice 2012 season 3 is mostly just a bit of fluff stuck between the end of the auditions and the beginning of next week’s battle rounds. In between recapping the best of the blind auditions, host Carson Daly and The Voice 2012 judges will talk about the audition rounds and the coaches’ teams selections.

First up is Team Adam Levine. As the winner of The Voice season one, Adam is gunning hard to take home a second title. He does not want to end up losing again, especially not to last season’s winner Blake Shelton.

On Team Adam, Bryan Keith is the coach’s major league pick. During his audition, Bryan Keith managed to get all four judges to hit their buttons for him. Adam lucked out in getting Bryan to choose him over the other judges.

Some of the other standout performances during the auditions for Team Blake came from soul singer Brandon Mahone, Caitlin Michele, Joe Kirkland,  uniquely creative Melanie Martinez, screaming Benji, single dad Brian Scartocci, wedding singer Loren Allred, Michelle Brooks-Thompson and the fabulous Nicole Nelson.

Nicole Nelson was another truly standout performance from the auditions, thrilling all the judges with her rendition of “Hallelujah”. Adam says he is excited by the talent on his team and can’t wait to get started!

Country star Blake Shelton is hoping he can land a second winner for The Voice season 3. He is feeling pretty good after winning last season with Jermaine Paul. Has he picked out a winner for this season? Well, he does have some great talent lined up for his team, including yodeler Gracia Harrison, Liz Davis, mother-daughter duo 2Steel Girls, Nicole Johnson, rocker guy Rudy Parris and Casey Muessigmann. He also has some fabulous, more mainstream singers lined up, including Terry McDermott, Kelly Crapa, Terisa Griffin and former Hey Monday lead singer Cassadee Pope.

Cassadee Pope was definitely one of the best auditions of the season, turning all four judges to compete for her to join their teams. She’s out to make a solo career for herself and if she keeps this kind of performance up, she isn’t going to have a problem achieving that goal. Hell, she may even do it with the winning title of The Voice season 3 under her belt!

Cee Lo Green has put together quite the odd mix of singers. All of them have their own creative style and quirks, just like their coach. His choice contestants include Harry Potter-esque Mackenzie Bourg, dad Nicholas David, Caribbean singer Diego Val, crazed with joy contestant Cody Belew, hip-hop singer DOMO, soul singer Mycle Wastman (whom Cee Lo just loves) and the extremely talented Trevin Hunte.

Trevin Hunte is one of Team Cee Lo’s shining stars going into the battle rounds. He turned three judges with his performance of “Listen” and everyone thought he was amazing. Cee Lo thinks he totally has the team to beat this season.

Finally we have Team Christina Aguilera. She wants the finals to be dominated by her powerhouse pop singers. She thinks all of her singers are talented enough to win the whole thing, but Adriana Louise is one of her biggest threats. Christina wanted her badly and is thrilled to have her. Christina is also happy to have the chance to redeem herself with Dez Duron because she didn’t take the chance to coach him last season.

We close out the show for the night with some cute clips of the judges backstage before heading into a preview of next week’s battle rounds. Next week fans will also get to meet this season’s guest mentors: Green Day‘s Billie Joe Armstrong for Team Christina, Mary J. Blige for Team Adam Levine, Rob Thomas for Cee Lo Green, and Michael Buble for Team Blake Shelton. The coaches will also get a special ‘steal’ power that will allow them to take singers from the other coaches. That twist should prove to be interesting…

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