The Voice 2012 Season 3 Recap: The Top 10 Perform (VIDEO)

The Voice 2012 season 3 returns to NBC tonight with the top 10 finalists performing for America’s votes. The Voice 2012 judges Adam Levine, Cee Lo Green, Christina Aguilera and Blake Shelton will be watching along with the rest of us this week while the voters decide who will be chosen to move on to the top 8. No one is safe this season as a new rule change means a coach could go into The Voice season 3 finals with NO contestants this time. Who will give the performances of a lifetime and earn your votes tonight? Join us for our live The Voice 2012 season 3 recap and watch the action with us!


This post contains The Voice spoilers from the top 10 performance show. Please stop reading here if you do not want to know what happened!

On The Voice 2012 season 3 performance show tonight, the top 10 will be performing live solos for America’s votes. On tomorrow night’s The Voice elimination results show, the top 10 will be cut down to a top 8 by the voters. The judges will have no choice this week but to sit back and watch what the voters decide.

Due to a rule change, the coaches are not guaranteed to have a contestant in The Voice season 3 finals. So one or more judges could find themselves going into The Voice season 3 finale with no remaining singers in the top 4. Each week until the finale, the singers will perform for the voters only and the two with the lowest number of voters will be the ones who went home on The Voice 2012 that week.

In a special treat on The Voice season 3 this week, American Idol alumni and Academy Award winner Jennifer Hudson will be appearing as a guest mentor for the top 10 finalists.

Going into tonight’s show, The Voice season 3 top 10 contestants are:

  • Team Adam Levine – Amada Brown, Bryan Keith & Melanie Martinez
  • Team Cee Lo Green – Cody Belew, Nicholas David & Trevin Hunte
  • Team Christina Aguilera – Dez Devon & Sylvia Yacoub
  • Team Blake Shelton – Cassadee Pope & Terry McDermott

Who will rock it out in The Voice season 3 live top 10 performances tonight? Find out with us here in our live The Voice 2012 season 3 recap at 8PM ET!

RECAP: Before we get to the top 10 performances tonight, we have to have some filler of course. To kick off the ‘extras’ on tonight’s show, we have Christina Aguilera and Blake Shelton doing a performance of their somewhat odd duet, “Just a Fool”. Honestly, I’m not loving on it all that much.

Now that we’re done with that shameless self promotion, it is time for the top 10 live performances!

Sylvia Yacoub (Team Christina) – “This Girl Is On Fire” by Alicia Keys

Judges: Cee Lo says he thought it was a great song choice and she gave an amazing performance. Adam thought it was her most polished performance yet and he was really blown away. Blake also thinks it was excellent and says it was a great kickoff when it is always so hard to be the first to perform.

Terry McDermott (Team Cee Lo) – “Summer of 69” by Bryan Adams

Judges: Christina notes that Terry sings right from his tiptoes. He’s got his whole body into it! She thought it was right on. Cee Lo says Terry reminds him of everything he loves about music. Adam says he gets mad because Terry is not on his team and he really wanted him, but he loved the performance.

Melanie Martinez (Team Adam) – “Seven Nation Army” by The White Stripes

Blake likes that Melanie pulled out the guitar to play this week and he really wishes he had gotten a chance to work with her. Christina thinks she pushed herself but she needs to find her comfort space. Cee Lo thought it was one of the coolest things he has seen all year.

Cody Belew (Team Cee Lo) – “Crazy in Love” by Beyonce

Adam thought it was an awesome cocky performance. Christina says he was a true diva on stage in a good way.

Bryan Keith (Team Adam) – “New York State of Mind” by Billy Joel

Judges: Blake says Bryan reminds him of Michael Buble. Christina thinks the song was a perfect choice for him because he really connected to the audience with it. Cee Lo loves how strong his voice is and that he sings like a manly man. Cee Lo says he respects his “pair” for taking on such a big song. Adam nearly snorts with laughter.

Amanda Brown (Team Adam) – “Stars” by Grace Potter

Judges: Blake says he did not know this song but this is how he would want to be introduced to it. Christina says she loved the performance and how emotional it was. Cee Lo says he was very impressed by the performance.

Nicholas David (Team Cee Lo) – “Lean on Me” by Bill Withers

Adam loves how Nicholas kind of lost it in the song and took ownership of it. Blake says Nicholas is like watching a legend. Christina says that is a juicy compliment and says he soothes her like chicken soup. Cee Lo says Nicholas is the voice of a generation. and the song reminds him of his deceased father. Morbid.

Trevin Hunte (Team Cee Lo) – “Scream” by Usher

Judges: Adam thinks Trevin could sing anything at all and it would sound great. Christina says this was her favorite Trevin performance because it was really different than his usual material.

Cassadee Pope (Team Blake) – “Over You” by Miranda Lambert

Judges: Blake is obviously very moved by the performance of his wife’s song, he is so proud. Christina loves the sincerity of the performance. Cee Lo says it was an amazing moment. Adam thinks the song choice was right on and this is the kind of song that is such a good fit for her.

Dez Duron (Team Christina) – “Feeling Good” by Michael Buble

Judges: Christina loved it and she is so very proud of her little hottie boy. Blake gives him congrats for figuring out the kind of music he should really be performing.

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