The Voice 2012 Winner Prediction: Who Won The Voice Season 3?

UPDATE: The Voice Season 3 Finale Recap: The Winner Revealed!

Who won The Voice 2012 season 3 will be revealed live on Tuesday night during the show’s grand finale. Only three finalists remain in the competition waiting to find out their fate tonight: former Hey Monday lead singer Cassadee Pope, Scottish rocker Terry McDermott and soulful crooner Nicholas David.

Terry McDermott, Cassadee Pope, Nicholas David and host Carson Daly on The Voice.
Photo credit: NBC.

Who will win The Voice season 3 tonight is up to the voters, but many fan sites are already declaring a winner before the finale even begins. If you just can’t get enough The Voice predictions about who will win on the results show tonight, read on for yet another The Voice season 3 winner pick!

Cassadee Pope of Team Blake Shelton seems to be the frontrunner to become The Voice season 3 winner if you go by her repeated trips to number one on iTunes. She also appears to have an incredibly strong fan base and extremely vocal support across various social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter. Cassadee has also consistently received high praise from The Voice 2012 judges and has the most outwardly marketable look and style of the top three finalists. She also gave three very well received performances in the finals on Monday night while both the other finalists stumbled multiple times.

Even with all this going for her, however, I am not totally behind the idea she is the person who won The Voice 2012 season 3. The problem with Cassadee Pope is the same problem other previous ‘frontrunners’ on The Voice and other reality TV shows have. Their popularity, at this stage of the competition, can actually prove to be their downfall.

While fans of Cassadee Pope may love her, they also may feel she is destined to win and not be quite as rabid about voting for her and pushing their friends to do so. Serious fans of Nicholas David and Terry McDermott, on the other hand, will be voting until they fall over because they know they are rooting for the underdogs.

A certain portion of The Voice season 3 viewers may actually vote specifically against Cassadee Pope because they don’t like her perky, seemingly perfect facade or the assumption she has the competition in the bag. Some fans believe she has actually been ‘groomed’ by the producers and The Voice 2012 judges to win, which can cause a backlash against a supposed bias at voting time. There is also the ‘vote for the worst’ crowd, who will vote against whoever they think is considered the best singer just to be snarky.

Cassadee Pope also has statistics against her. Although many predicted Juliet Simms would win The Voice season 2, she was beaten in shocking upset by Jermaine Paul. The Voice winners have so far both been male. Other reality TV talent competitions have also skewed heavily toward male winners. American Idol, for example, has had more male winners than female by a huge margin.

In the end, I would say the least likely finalist to be the person who won The Voice 2012 season 3 tonight is probably Nicholas David. Despite having aruably the most natural talent and musical skill of the top 3 finalists, he is also the oddball of the group. He never soared on iTunes like Cassadee has and his fan base just doesn’t seem to be as strong or diverse as Terry McDermott’s. Frankly, I would be pleased as hell to be wrong about this and have the fans of Nicholas David beat me into the ground with their votes. If Nicholas David is The Voice season 3 winner, I will be happy to have been totally and horribly wrong.

Left to a choice between Terry McDermott and Cassadee Pope for who won The Voice season 3, I have a very difficult time calling a winner. There are so many very good reasons why Cassadee Pope should not be The Voice season 3 winner, but at the same time, she is extremely popular with the viewers and on the iTunes charts. While I suppose my The Voice prediction for the winner tonight will lean just the slightest toward Cassadee Pope taking it anyway, I would not be personally shocked if Terry McDermott managed to steal the crown. His performance of “Let It Be” by the Beatles was enough, for me, to award him The Voice winner’s title for season 3 all by itself.

Join us here at at 8PM for our live The Voice results recap of the finale and find out who won The Voice 2012 season 3!

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4 thoughts on “The Voice 2012 Winner Prediction: Who Won The Voice Season 3?”

  1. I’m sorry but this is just the way I feel.Cassadee Pope should not be allowed to compete in such a competition.She is a professional singer who has made music in the past and was paid.This would be like a Professional Golfer playing in amateur events.Once again please don’t label me a hater but I wonder if Cassadee still has her union card or if she ever had one while playing in the band “Till Monday” Yes Cassadee Pope is a fantastic vocalist and will make millions with help from The Voice or not.Sorry but I thought this show was for amateurs ?

  2. Nicholas David is the winner as far as I am concerned. He’s something new and keeps us watching. The others are just same old repeats of other talent shows. As long as he keeps on rocking , we will keep watching!

  3. Agreed. Past success with a band far beyond the other two finalists, a (current?) record deal, and legions of fans from her past endeavors as well as her boyfriend’s past endeavors. I don’t actually know much about her relationships but apparently she dated or is dating someone with a massive teen girl following, not that she needs any help in that department. The whole thing just seems in bad taste to me. But yes, they’ll call us both haters, and say we’re making up that she has an advantage. But when it comes down to it look at the social media standings before The Voice aired. Cassadee had followers anywhere from 150,000 to 300,000 depending on what you’re looking at. The other finalists did not come into the show with nearly as many cheerleaders.

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