The Voice 2013 Finale Recap: Who Won The Voice Season 5?

After another season of fabulous performances, we will at last find out who won The Voice season 5 tonight! From The Voice spoilers fan polls and predictions we’ve seen all over, it seems almost too obvious who wins The Voice 2013. However, we know there is always a chance for a last minute shocking turn of events. Join us for our live The Voice finale results recap and find out with us who will be crowned the winner!

The Voice Season 5 final  3 - Source: Trae Patton, NBC
The Voice Season 5 final 3 – Source: Trae Patton, NBC

Tessanne Chin, Jacquie Lee, and Will Champlin are all hoping to walk away as the top contender when the final The Voice results are announced this evening. We have to wonder, however, if two of the finalists don’t already pretty much know they are probably out of the running. Going into The Voice 2013 finale tonight, all the odds are in favor of Tessanne Chin being the winner by a wide margin.

If for some reason Tessanne does not end up being the one who won The Voice season 5 tonight, we would be very shocked indeed. Pretty much every fan poll we saw out there had her in the lead by a significant amount over Jacquie Lee, and leagues ahead of Will Champlin. Then again, we’ve seen crazy, wild results on the season finales of many, many reality TV competitions in the past. Sometimes the voters really don’t like it when everyone is saying such-and-such person is definitely going to win… and do something totally stunning as a result! So nothing is guaranteed until all the votes are counted and The Voice season 5 winner is officially aannounced

Our The Voice 2013 finale live recap begins right here on this page below at 8PM ET. Join us for live The Voice results and find out who won right here!

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Here we go! Tonight we’re going to find out the winner of The Voice season 5! Say hello to the judges/coaches CeeLo Green, Christina Aguilera, Blake Shelton, and Adam Levine. And also to our final three contestants, Tessanne Chin, Jacquie Lee, and Will Champlin. One of these three artists will be fulfilling a huge dream tonight. Before we get to those results though, we will have a huge slew of guest performances from acts like OneRepublic, Celine Dion, Ne-Yo, Lady Gaga and more!

We have a quick review of last night’s fabulous performances from the Top 3. Host Carson Daly says all three of the final contestants hit the iTunes Top 10 chart last night with their songs. Then we’re moving on to the previously eliminated contestants of the Top 20 in one big collective singalong of “Tonight Is The Night” on stage. The Top 3 get a special place off to the side because, well, they’re special we guess. Our eyes just can’t follow all that going on!

Back from break and coach Adam Levine says it is a shame we have to go past this moment because all three finalists are so great. Coach CeeLo Green is wearing a crazy, striped, glittery bag of an outfit he calls “a disco ball.” He talks about how much all of the finalists have had to go through this season to get where they are.

CeeLo Green on The Voice 5 finale - Source: NBC
CeeLo Green on The Voice 5 finale – Source: NBC

Christina Aguilera is also wearing shiny silver to match CeeLo, which she says is all about “great minds” thinking alive. We don’t know what she has done to her hair but it looks like it was caught in a fan and stuck that way. Blake Shelton says he has Christmas presents for everyone, including a “bunch of crap” for Christina, because how do you shop for her?

Up next we have a performance of “Bohemian Rhapsody” by Queen with James Wolpert, Matthew Schuler, Caroline, and Cole Vosbury.

Jacquie Lee sings “Bohemian Rhapsody” with Matthew Schuler, James Wolpert, Cole Vosbury, and Caroline Pennell. We love to see Caroline back again as she was really one of our favorites. We also adored Cole as well. They rock it out and while it isn’t the most terrific performance ever, it is a whole lot of fun.

Before we cut to commercial break, we get a clip of Tessanne Chin absolutely FREAKING out when she learns she is going to get to sing tonight with her idol Celine Dion. She loses it, breaks into tears, and babbles about how much Celine means to her as a musical icon. It’s terribly adorable.

After commercial, we have a really silly video montage bit about Adam Levine winning People’s Sexiest Man Alive. CeeLo makes fun of him and says they just don’t know Adam like he does. It’s all in play and makes us smile.

Now up is Tessanne and Celine with a duet of the diva’s “Love Can Move Mountains.” Tessanne is doing a good job of holding her own with Celine, we’re impressed!

We move on to some silly fan impression videos of the coaches. They are mostly terrible but pretty amusing, especially financial guru Suze Orman making fun of Christina Aguilera by fanning herself with a fistful of cash.

Up on stage now we have OneRepublic performing their latest single “I Lived.” Lead singer Ryan Tedder actually wrote the song that will end up being The Voice season 5‘s first single, which will be performed tonight after the victor is announced.

Time for another amusing coach tribute video, this time all about CeeLo Green and the totally out there stuff that comes out of his mouth all the time. He may be incomprehensible at times, but at least he probably knows what that word means, unlike several others on the judging panel…

Another performance is next on the roster with Nic Hawk, Matthew Schulder, Josh Logan, Preston Pohl, and Ray Boudreaux performing “Treasure” by Bruno Mars.

For one of his last performances on The Voice, Will Champlin has decided to bring back Jonny Gray, Cole Vosbury, Caroline Pennell, and Austin Jenckes for a performance of “Wagon Wheel.” It’s actually probably the best ‘bring back’ gathering of the night in our opinion. They all look like they are having a blast and their voices all merge together beautifully.

Our next voice coach tribute video tonight doesn’t start off funny like the previous two so much. Instead, it’s all about how amazing Christina’s vocal pipes are and how she is always showing them off to the contestants when giving examples of what to do. Her singers always look like she is asking to do totally crazy things when she blasts out like that. After showing how crazy Christina’s voice is, the rest of the video is all about the weird noises she is constantly making and her flubs when she is using her voice to try to talk, instead of singing.

Jacquie’s duet tonight is with Paramore on “Ain’t It Fun” and she’s all over the stage giving it full passion tonight. Where was all this energy during half her performances during the competition phase? After Jacquie, we have a group performance of “My Life Would Suck Without You” by Kelly Clarkson from the girls, featuring Tamara Chauniece, GreyStephanie Anne Johnson, Shelbie Z, Amber Nicole, and Kat Robichaud.

Sigh, this finale could have been cut down to a very nice one hour show without all these silly videos. This next one is all about the Top 3 playing around on a tour of Universal Studio, during which they all receive Kia cars, courtesy of The Grinch dressed in a Santa suit. In other words, a giant commercial for Kia Motors, just like we always have those Ford commercials for American Idol. Good to know our singing reality TV competitions are consistent in their automobile sponsors.

Next we have the final confessionals from the Top 3. They all talk about their fabuluos coaches, how amazing this experience has been, etc. etc. etc. Tessanne Chin gives a special shout out to her home country of Jamaica for everyone’s support from there.

We’re crawling like snails toward the finale results and we have yet another performance to get through with Celine Dion and Ne-Yo singing their duet “Incredible.” It’s such an odd mix, and yet, rather enjoyable if a bit cheesy.  Does Celine Dion ever actually change? She’s like a Barbie doll wax figure trapped in time.

And here comes another performance, this time with Will Champlin and Aloe Blacc on “Wake Me Up.” Oddly enough, we didn’t like this as much as we thought we would. It was like they weren’t quite on beat at some points and their voices just didn’t go together all that well.

For her ‘bring back’ group performance, Tessanne has selected Grey, James Wolpert, Olivia Henken, and Preston Pohl for a performance of “Hold On (I’m Coming)” by Sam and Dave. Fun song and they looked like they were having a grand time of it.

Now it’s time for the Blake Shelton tribute video. He shows off his dancing skills, which CeeLo Green calls “minimal.” Considering how terribly funny Blake usually is on the show, his tribute video is a bit tame really.

At last we have our final guest performance of the night with Lady Gaga and… Christina Aguilera! That’s right, the two ladies actually take the stage together for a performance of “Do What U Want.” Kind of naughty in some places there and all kinds of fun. Christina and Gaga are all about giving love to each other after the performance and how awesome the other one is. Awwwhhh.

Off to a commercial break and then we’ll finally, finally find out who won! Oh, and by the way, The Voice season 6 will be debuting on Monday, February 24th with Usher and Shakira back in the chairs again!

The final three are now up on stage and ready to find out The Voice results for who won season 5. Each of them gives a call out to their individual coach for supporting them throughout the competition.

The Voice season 5 final 3 - Source: NBC
The Voice season 5 final 3 – Source: NBC

Time for the results! The finalist who came in third place tonight in the last vote of the season and the year is…

Will Champlin!

The runner-up tonight, after the nationwide vote is…

Jacquie Lee!

That means the person who won The Voice 2013 season 5 is Tessanne Chin! Tessane will now sing her new single, if she can stop hugging Mom and take the mic. She starts up sounding like she is going to choke on her own tears. It’s rough but understandable considering how emotional of a moment this is for her. We look forward to hearing the song when she isn’t freaking out and can’t stay on pitch.

Winner Announced & Final Song – The Voice 2013 by IdolxMuzic

Congrats to Tessanne. Looks like all those fan polls out there were right after all!

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