The Voice 2013 Spoilers: Who Will Win The Voice Season 5?

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Predicting who won The Voice season 5 seems like such a no brainer that we’re almost convinced the voters will decide to revolt at the last minute. No matter how obvious it seems that Tessanne Chin should be the contestant who will win The Voice 2013, we never discount the tendency of reality TV voters to throw a wrench into the works as the last minute.

The Voice Season 5 final  3 - Source: Trae Patton, NBC
The Voice Season 5 final 3 – Source: Trae Patton, NBC

Although just about every fan poll out there is calling Tessanne Chin as The Voice season 5 winner right now, we’ve seen that happen before and then gotten a big shock on results night. From American Idol to The X Factor to The Voice, we’ve watched obvious winners suddenly get thrown aside on finale night and end up losing in a shocking defeat.

Even though the voters can be wildly unpredictable, however, we think this time they will give the win to person who really should get it. Most of the polls don’t even really show it being close between Tessanne and her biggest final three rival, Jacquie Lee. Will Champlin, as much as we adore him, isn’t even in the running in any fan poll we found.

Even The Voice judge Blake Shelton, who has won the show more than any other coach, believes that Tessanne Chin will walk away with the win on Tuesday night. All of The Voice season 5 judges seem pretty much on board with her taking home the grand prize. With so much overwhelming support from the coaches and the viewers, we just don’t think there is going to be one of those crazy, sudden upsets during The Voice 2013 finale this season.

We’re calling it, based on her track record on the show, and her constant hits on iTunes all season long — Tessanne Chin will be the contestant who won The Voice season 5. We look forward to seeing what she does in the future with The Voice 2013 winner’s crown under her belt!

>> Click here for our latest update with the full recap of tonight’s The Voice season 5 finale and performance videos!

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17 thoughts on “The Voice 2013 Spoilers: Who Will Win The Voice Season 5?”

  1. I really wanted James to be in final instead of Tessanne. I am not saying Tessanne is not a fantastc singer like Kelly Clarkson stated. But it would really bother me if Tessanne wins. I have been very vocal about her being in this competition. If the Voice had a show in Jamaica Tessanne would not be able to compete. I was one who had voted for her but after reading about her musical history and then reading her Wikipedia page I began to realize she is a professional. She was a backup artist like Jermaine Paul but in 2007 she released three successful singles and has a history of opening for artist like Gladys Knight and Patti Labelle. I dare anyone of my critics to read the wiki page and judge for yourself. So because she is successful in another country she is allowed to compete. So if Jamaica had a competition would they allow Philip Phillips or Carly Rae Jepson to compete. Is it fair for young performers like Will and Jacquie to compete against? I don’t think so America! Jacquie and Will don’t even have a Wikipedia page. Come on America do the right thing and have an amateur win like Will or Jacquie.

  2. Tony she does not have an recording contract in JA, she was not really going anywhere there. this was her last chance to get real recognition, she was just an household name. she released album and singles that made her recognizable in ja but thats about it.

  3. I love watching this show and I am a fellow Jamaican myself. Tony it seems to me as if your hating on Tessanne because clearly, she has talent outta this world and she is the best on the show. Your just being bias because of her roots. She came from a family of music. Her sister sings too in Jamaica. Her background has nothing to do with her talent because if it wasn’t fair for her to compete, Im sure she wouldn’t be on the show. Honestly, I dont see a problem with Tessanne competing because at the end of the day, she just want to make it like everybody else who wants to be in the music world.

  4. So you telling me she can’t make it in her home country but she is going to make it in America. So even after winning the show she probably is not going to make it here either. You said not me.

  5. Come one Tony don’t hate. The saying goes “If you can’t beat them then join them.” Tessanne for the WIN and you know this….Maaaaan!

  6. Lol no thats not what i’m saying, most of the people that were on the voice this season already have albums and singles released (even Will) so why single Tessanne out? if it wasn’t for the voice we wouldn’t hear of them now would we? the voice is what is giving them the big break. this competition has rules and if all of them didn’t meet the rules they wouldn’t be in the competition.

  7. Tony, you overlooked one major detail with regard to this show: Tess was not even the most professionalized or even the most accomplished contender this year, not even close! E.G. DAILY was! She was acting from as far back as 1978, and she has been a frequent voice-actor for many animated series, including ‘The Powerpuff Girls’ and ‘Roughnecks/Starship Troopers Chronicles’. She has been singing since the 1980s, working with Madonna’s first producers. She has done many voice-overs in video games.
    By the way, the woman who Tess knocked off in the battle round (Donna Allen)? She had a very good career during the late-1980s, with 2 top-10 R&B hits, with her first (“Serious”) making the top 30 on the Hot 100, not to mention that I think it went gold.
    I don’t need to tell you that Michael Johns (Australia) and Carly Smithson (Ireland) were not from this country, but had longtime residence here and met the requirements to compete on American Idol. Need I say that Carly once had a major contract at 17 in 2001? The album flopped bad.
    It is obvious that no one who has made it big enough would be allowed on this show. But for the has-beens and the struggling, this is a SECOND CHANCE or a STEP UP; and Tess certainly qualifies. Same is true for Lillie McCloud (look up Nicole McCloud at Wiki), who was primarily a dance artist who went on an 11-year hiatus.

  8. One other thing: I doubt that Jamaica itself would even have the money or the resources to put on a show on a scale as big as ‘The Voice’. It is not as high a priority there as it is elsewhere. Once more, it costs money to promote the winning artist outside of Jamaica. Sales in Jamaica alone won’t cut the mustard. I doubt that all of the Caribbean would even put on a show this big and for an entire season.

    Tess came to the U.S. show because the chances she has a better chance of having her music promoted outside of Jamaica than in Jamaica alone. The world music market in the U.S. has a much greater reach (even to the other islands of the Caribbean) than in Jamaica. Her only album (so far). ‘In Between Words’, wasn’t even promoted in Jamaica. From what I’ve read, the label could hardly afford to promote her.

    Like I said before, her appearance on the U.S. version of ‘The Voice’ is a step up for her. If she wins, we might see some real action from whichever label she lands on. She needs to be promoted in 3 markets to start with: World Music, R&B and pop.

  9. All of the singing competitions out there generally have some competitors that have released music, been backup singers, or even had somewhat successful careers in a local, regional or even very minor national basis. Honestly, they win about as often as the total newbies do. Shouldn’t it be about who is the best, most moving performer, not whatever their backgrounds might be?

  10. I agree with Tony if u have experience already as a back up singer or already sing on a record label u should not be singing on a singer talent show. The show should be for new talent undiscover. Michael Jackson back up singer even-though she did not win she should never been competing, because she was obvious out of everyone leads. She sang for MICHAEL JACKSON for gods sake……..

  11. you dont see the problem because u r from Jamaica WHICH makes u bais if u were from any other country but Jamaica U would not be making those comments

  12. Who s fault is that, everyone always want to get on the band wagon and come to America for a better way of life, CRY ME A RIVER…

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