The Voice 2013 Spoilers: Who Wins The Voice Season 5?

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Will all the fan polls be right about who won The Voice Season 5? For the past few weeks it seems like all the talk is about Tessanne Chin as the person who wins The Voice 2013. Right now, it is looking very strongly like The Voice spoilers predictions across the web agree that it would be a huge shock if Tessanne lost out to Jacquie Lee or Will Champlin. But is it really already a given about who will win The Voice season 5 finale tonight?

The Voice season 5 final 3 - Source: NBC
The Voice season 5 final 3 – Source: NBC

Based on The Voice season 5 spoilers polls and predictions, Tessanne Chin seems to have overwhelming support from the viewers for the win tonight. In most polls, Tessanne’s second place rival, Jacquie Lee, is at 10 percentage points or more behind her. Will Champlin appears to be totally out of the running by a wide margin. However, we would like to note strongly here that fan polls and blogger predictions have been wrong before, even when the winner seems like an obvious bet.

We’ve seen it a dozen times before on shows like The Voice, American Idol, The X Factor, Dancing With the Stars, etc. etc. The huge favorite to win going into the finale suddenly nosedives at the last minute and ends up losing to the underdog. There are no guarantees about who wins The Voice season 5 until the votes are officially announced.

So although all the polls and predictions may say Tessanne Chin has this one in the bag, don’t give up hope yet if Jacquie or Will is your favorite to win! You never know what might happen…

>> Click here for our latest update with the full recap of tonight’s The Voice season 5 finale and performance videos!

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4 thoughts on “The Voice 2013 Spoilers: Who Wins The Voice Season 5?”


  2. It is absolutely NOT unprecedented for a contender from one country to win a talent competition like this from another country. Nick Howard, from the U.K., who released 2 albums before 2012, won The Voice of GERMANY that year. Obviously both countries have their own Voice competitions This year’s Voice of ITALY winner was Elhaida Dani, from ALBANIA, which also has its own Voice competition that also includes Kosovo.
    There is no Voice competition in Jamaica or anywhere else in the Caribbean, nor is there a unified Caribbean Voice competition; and Tessanne’s career, though quite familiar to fans of Caribbean artists (see her videos at YouTube), was far more limited and far less established than some of the other participants (E.G. Daily and Donna Allen). Her record label in Jamaica couldn’t afford to promote her album in 2010. Basically, her career was stalled (and so was her sister Tami’s), limited to a single here and there.
    When I hear the boo-birds out there crying foul, I think of Yoda’s quotation about fear leading to the Dark Side. Their biggest fear, about Tessanne’s win, is that it will open the floodgates to more potential auditioners from the islands, because the islands themselves, or an entire collective, can ill-afford to put on a competition of a scale as large as the U.S. version of The Voice, or any other version for that matter. For my horse money, it is hardly that big a priority in the Caribbean.
    Where else in the Americas do they go? THE UNITED STATES! The biggest market in all of the Americas. I say to that only 3 words: SO. BE. IT! It didn’t stop 2 U.S. residents from foreign countries from competing in American Idol 7 (they met the requirements); it didn’t stop a girl who spent much of her life in the British Virgin Islands from competing in the first U.S. X-Factor. It certainly didn’t stop a Brit from winning the German Voice or an Albanian from winning the Italian Voice.
    Bottom line: Tessanne deserved to be on the show, and she deserved to win. By far.

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