The Voice Season 3 Finale Recap: The Winner Revealed!

From the blind auditions to the final 3 performances last night, we applaud all The Voice season 3 fans who have stuck around to make it to the finale. At the end of the show tonight, we’ll find out who won The Voice 2012 season 3 at last. While I’m personally rooting for the indomitable spirit of rocker Terry McDermott to win, it should be an entertaining night no matter who ends up as The Voice season 3 winner.

The Voice season 3 judges. Photo credit: NBC.


This post contains The Voice spoilers from the season 3 finale. Please stop reading here if you do not want to know what happened or who won The Voice 2012 season 3 Tuesday night!

In addition to discovering who won The Voice 2012 season 3 tonight, viewers will also be gifted with a slew of guest performances to enjoy. The Voice season 3 finale will be packed with star appearances from Rihanna, Kelly Clarkson, The Killers and Bruno Mars. The Voice will also be breaking out hot duets between the final three contestants and various celebrity guest stars.

Cassadee Pope will perform with virtual twin Avril Lavigne, whom she has paid tribute to twice this season by covering her songs. Peter Frampton will duet with rocker Terry McDermott and I can’t wait to see them hopefully go leather jacke to leather jacket. Last, but possibly most delightful, Nicholas David will team up with Smokey Robinson for a duet so soulful, heaven may possible rain down tears on the auditorium.

Ready to watch all the action on tonight’s finale with us? Let’s go!

RECAP: The first guest performance of the night goes to Rihanna, who takes the stage to belt out her hit song “Diamonds” to the crazed delight of the audience. Personally I adore her talent, but hate giving her publicity because I can’t stand the sleazy way she’s crawled back into bed with a man who beat her to a pulp. Oh well, she may have really bad common sense, but she can sing like nobody’s business.

After Rihanna leaves the stage, we have a bit of chatting with the coaches and learn Blake Shelton is suffering with a hangover. We wonder who he was partying with after The Voice performance show finals last night…

Moving on, it’s time for top 3 finalist Terry McDermott to have some fun on stage at last with a rendition of “Rock and Roll All Nite” by Kiss. He is joined by formerly eliminated contestants Rudy Parris, Amanda Brown, Bryan Keith and Michaela Paige. I love Terry, but this kind of makes me miss Amanda Brown a little. She certainly had some stellar moments on the show and she steals as much of the spotlight here as she can get away with.

Now we have the duet Nicholas David was pretty much born to perform with legendary smooth-voiced idol Smokey Robinson. This may very well be the most perfectly matched celebrity/contestant duets I’ve ever seen on any reality TV show ever.

The next guest performance comes to us courtesy of The Killers singing “Here With Me” accompanied by top 3 finalist Cassadee Pope.

After that rather lackluster performance–sorry Cassadee but it was–it looks like all the relatively attractive eliminated male contestants from the season have been tossed together for a performance of “Stacy’s Mom” by Fountains of Wayne. While it is lovely to see Cody Belew, Mackenzie Bourg, Julio Cesar Castillo, Diego Val and Dez Duron again, the whole thing kind of ends up being something of a disaster area on stage.

Now we have a promo for The Voice season 4 which will feature new judges Usher and Shakira. I usually detest these cheesy reality TV talent show promos, but this one is actually kind of cute.

Cassadee Pope gets another turn on the stage with Kelly Clarkson and Terry McDermott with “Catch My Breath” by the former American Idol season one winner.

Once again, what do you know, it’s Cassadee Pope on stage for another performance. This time she is joined by Liz Davis, Melanie Martinez and (yay!) De’Borah on “It’s Time” by Imagine Dragons.

Let’s give props to The Voice producers tonight for some truly enjoyable celebrity/contestant duets as we enjoy another one now. Terry McDermott and Peter Frampton may not be quite as perfect together on “Baby, I Love Your Way” as Nicholas David and Smokey Robinson were in their duet, but they sound damn good together.

In perhaps my least favorite eliminated contestants performance of the evening, the mini-mes of Team Christina Aguilera are back with a performance of “Best of Love” by The Emotions. Disco is obviously not a kind genre for Slyvia Yacoub, Devyn DeLoera, Joselyn Rivera, Loren Allred and Adriana Louise. Then again, disco isn’t really a good genre for any singer.

The Voice powers-that-be lift us up from that depressing disco place with a nice gift of a new car to each of the top 3 finalists. At least if they end up going home, they’ll have a nice ride to do it in.

Stealing the spotlight next is the delicious Bruno Mars with a performance of his awesome new song “When I Was Your Man” and it gives me chills. This is the kind of performance you WISH you would see on these talent reality TV shows and very rarely ever do.

Nicolas David has another great moment on stage this evening with a rendition of “End of the Road” by Boyz II Men with eliminated singers Dez Duron, Amanda Brown and Trevin Hunte. This is easily one of the most enjoyable ex-contestant mashups of the night.

To close out the performances from the final 3 for the evening, Cassadee Pope is back on stage yet again for her duet of “I’m With You” with Avril Lavigne. While it is lovely enough to listen to, I just wish they had put Nicholas or Terry’s duet last because they were a million times more fabulous.

The last delay of the evening comes in the form of a coaches performance by Christina Aguilera, Cee Lo Green, Adam Levine and Blake Shelton of “Good Riddance (Time of Your Life) by Green Day.

Now it is finally the time we have all been waiting very impatiently for all evening long. The results are in!

The votes are in and here we go!

3rd place goes to: Nicholas David

2nd place goes to: Terry McDermott

Cassadee Pope is The Voice season 3 winner! Are you shocked, dismayed or delighted? Tell us what you thought of The Voice 2012 season 3 finale in our comments section below!

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8 thoughts on “The Voice Season 3 Finale Recap: The Winner Revealed!”

  1. This competition isn’t based on talent, it’s a big popularity contest and the barbie doll won…what a surprise…
    Can she play any musical instruments?? Can she write songs and music?
    I’m done with the Voice. What’s the point? The next cookie cutter pretty girl will win again. It’s not the degree of talent or musical ability or unique style…it’s who’s pretty.

  2. This competition isn’t based on talent, it’s a big popularity contest and the barbie doll won…what a surprise…

    Can she play any musical instruments?? Can she write songs and music?

    I’m done with the Voice. What’s the point? The next cookie cutter pretty girl will win again. It’s not the degree of talent or musical ability or unique style…it’s who’s pretty.

  3. I was very disappointed in this season of the Voice. In fact I didn’t watch the finally show as it was blatantly obvious who was going to win and who was going to come in second place. I agree with neither. I feel that Cassadee Pope is just and average singer. I have been following the talk on face book and many people feel that this season votes were rigged, and I can’t help to feel the same way. Many are saying that this will probably be the last season that they watch the show and I believe it will be mine as well. It is a shame as the show really had potential…..

  4. Did you not notice who the other two finalist were? They were both very unique and were both amazing! In my opinion Cassadee was not the prettiest one on the Voice, if the winner was based off of beauty then Dez should have won. Cassadee can play guitar and she used to write songs for her old band Hey Monday so she does have musical talent. Just because the person you wanted did not win does not mean you need to throw a fit and bash on the one who did win. And just because Nicholas and Terry did not win does not mean they will not be successful. This could just be the beginning for them.

  5. sooo…your opinion counts but mine is ‘throwing a fit’ because we disagree …haha. not hardly.
    Terry & Nicholas stood out for their unique talent.

  6. First of all i have to say congrats CASSADEE .. Weather you
    think she deserved to win or not ..all three finalist are great artists ..i
    wouldn’t have been sad if either had win really .. and not having my favorite win doesn’t mean I have to hate on the winner and keep griping and calling it a scam , a rigged show or whatever … it is
    all about personal tastes.. Millions of Americans have voted .. and I bet it must have been a close call too.. but in the end it is a competition.. the one with the most votes wins.. that’s how these things work… and that made cassasdee the winner this time .. millions loved her.. voted for her Bought her iTunes songs and have repeatedly put her #1 on the top 10 charts!! That in itself tells you she is already a success!! why would people pay money to get a
    song 10 times if all they think she is only a pretty face?? having said that i am finding it really weird how everyone keeps crying over how amanda brown got voted off.. and how cassadee undeservedly won what should have been a shoe in for amanda .. ppl ppl if you were such amanda brown die-hard fans.. why didn’t you buy her songs on itunes?? why didn’t you get her on the top 10 chart and
    get her the coveted 10X bonus that had been the main reason why who ever got charted was a definite save for that week .. isn’t music today all about who would sell the most?? Weather cassadee already had a fan base or had a previous album — btw nicholas already had 5 albums on itunes – i am sure not all of those voters -including me- knew about her or even about hey monday .. and
    after i became a fan and started looking up her previous work.. I discovered that the voice has def added alot to her .. and i can’t say she is now the same person that she was on hey monday .. i know amanda brown has a great voice , she was one of my favs too and i was really sad to see her go .. But let’s face it at that point they were all great! They all have great voices and great fan bases and supporters…The itunes rule yes might seem silly and unfair to some but the fact is the previous two winners of the voice though they did have great voices but not much in commercial success .. to me I kinda felt that amanda brown was the female version of Jermaine paul… they are both amazing powerhouses with great vocal ranges and outstanding talent (let’s not forget they were both background singers) .. but we all have seen how Jermaine wasn’t the expected success we thought he would be after the show was done //In my opinion the itunes rule was added to see who would still be a success with the audience even after the show .. Who would people actually go out of their way to get their albums and songs .. And cassadee being in the top 10 all those weeks says something
    right?? They all have great voices and I am sure no matter who won it would have left a big part of the fans sad and angry .. in my opinion they are all winners .. Feel sad that your favorite lost
    but please don’t bash the others … and well I am thinking that this season was the best of all three and showcased a lot of really excellent talents and I am expecting that unlike the previous seasons a lot of those amazing artists will find big success after the show … just you all wait and see …

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