The Voice Season 3 Recap: Top 12 Elimination Results

On The Voice season 3 Tuesday night, two singers will be eliminated, cutting down the field to just 10 finalists going into the next round. The Voice 2012 judges Blake Shelton, Adam Levine, Christina Aguilera and Cee Lo Green will not have a say in the elimination results this week. Who went home on The Voice season 3 this week is entirely up to the voters. Who will make The Voice top 10 for season 3? Who went home on The Voice season 3 this week? Join us for our live The Voice elimination results recap and find out with us!


This post contains The Voice 2012 season 3 spoilers from this week’s elimination results show. Please stop reading here if you do not want to know what happened or who was eliminated on The Voice season 3 Tuesday night!

Who was eliminated on The Voice season 3 in this round is up to the voters and we could see a coach lose two members from their team tonight. Due to a rule change for The Voice 2012 season 3, there is no guarantee of a coach going into the finals with ANY remaining singers on their team.  That means the voters could decide to eliminate an entire team with their votes and that team’s coach would just have to sit back and stew for the rest of the season. I personally think it is unlikely both of the singers who will be eliminated on The Voice season 3 this week will be from the same team though.

For my The Voice season 3 predictions for elimination this week, I have narrowed down the three I think are in the most danger to: Nicholas David (Team Cee Lo), Michaela Paige (Team Blake) and Adriana Louise (Team Christina). Of those three, I’d like to see Adriana Louise and Michaela Paige be the ones who went home on The Voice 2012 this week.

Personally, I think Christina Aguilera made absolutely the wrong choice in saving Adriana over De’Borah last week. As for Michaela, I never remember what she sang from week to week, which means she just isn’t interesting enough to keep my attention.

Join us for our The Voice recap of this week’s elimination results show right here at 8PM ET and find out if your favorites will move forward in the competition!

RECAP: The Voice season 3 host Carson Daly announces there were move votes sent in after last night’s top 12 show than there were for the The Voice season 2 finale show. American has indeed spoken!

Before we get to our results tonight, we have to have our requisite delay in the form of crazy entertainment. Taking the stage first to eat up some time tonight are coaches Christina Aguilera and Cee Lo Green performing “Make the World Move”.

Wow, I think Christina Aguilera may actually be out-dressing Cee Lo Green this evening. That is some kind of wild outfit she has going on there. Cee Lo is looking very tame in comparison tonight in his all white outfit.

Once that’s over, it is time to get to some dish from the coaches about their thoughts on the voting tonight. Adam is unhappy about having to leave everything in the hands of the voters tonight, saying it “sucks”. (I think he’s joking, sort of…) Cee Lo says his favorites are Dez Duron, Trevin Hunte, Terry McDermott and Nicholas David. Um, Cee Lo, did you perhaps forget to name the rest of your team as your favorites? That’s kind of rude…

Now we are moving on to some results and the first person who will be going forward to the next round is… Bryan Keith from Team Adam. The voters have also saved… Sylvia Yacoub from Team Christina.

The elimination results are interrupted again for another performance, this time from guest Jason Aldean with Dez Duron and Bryan Keith.

Moving on, we have more voting results to share and it looks like the next two who will be joining The Voice season 3 top 10 are… Nicholas David from Team Cee Lo and Dez Devon from Team Christina. Nicholas David was predicted as one of the ones who might be eliminated tonight on some fan sites, so that’s very nice for him to prove them wrong!

Oh look, it’s another group performance from Team Cee Lo with Cee Lo Green singing “Stayin’ Alive” by The Bee Gees.

More results now and the next singers to be saved by the voters are… Trevin Hunte from Team Cee Lo and… Cassadee Pope from Team Blake.

Then, of course, we have another group performance from Team Blake and Blake Shelton of “Life is a Highway” by Tom Cochrane.

After that, we have some more elimination results for you. The next two singers who have been moved forward to the next round by the voters are… Terry McDermott from Team Blake and Amanda Brown from Team Adam.

The final results are in and the last two singers to be saved tonight by the voters are… Cody Belew and Melanie Martinez! That means the two contestants eliminated on tonight’s show are:

Michaela Paige and Adriana Louise!

(No big surprise there. Those are the two singers most fan sites were predicting would go home tonight.)

After The Voice 2012 elimination results show this week, here is your lineup for The Voice season 3 top 10:

Team Adam Levine: Bryan Keith, Amanda Brown, Melanie Martinez

Team Cee Lo Green: Nicholas David, Trevin Hunte, Cody Belew

Team Christina Aguilera: Sylvia Yacoub, Dez Devon

Team Blake Shelton: Cassadee Pope, Terry McDermott

That’s it for our The Voice 2012 live recap tonight. Join us here again next week for more The Voice 2012 season 3 recaps as the competition continues. Check out more on The Voice 2012 at our partner site, Bookmark us or friend us on Facebook or Twitter for all the latest celebrity gossip, entertainment news, TV recaps and more!

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