The Voice Season 3 Recap: Top 6 Elimination Results

The Voice season 3 finale is just a few short weeks away and the field of contestants is dwindling fast. Two more singers will be sent home tonight by the voters on The Voice results show. The Voice 2012 judges Adam Levine, Blake Shelton and Cee Lo Green are all still in the running to crown one of their team members as The Voice 2012 season 3 winner, while Christina Aguilera watched her only remaining singer go home last week. Who got voted off The Voice season 3 this week? We have the results for you here in our live The Voice recap of the top 6 elimination show!


This post contains The Voice spoilers from this week’s elimination results show. Please stop reading here if you do not want to know what happened or who went home on The Voice season 3 Tuesday night!

Tonight on The Voice results show will be yet another double elimination, cutting the remaining six singers down to just four left. Could another coach be eliminated from the running tonight along with their singers and join Christina Aguilera as just a spectator for the rest of the season? While it is possible that could happen, it seems more likely that two coaches will lose team members on The Voice season 3 results show this week, leaving all three remaining judges with at least one contestant left in the competition.

My most likely predictions to go home this evening on The Voice season 3 elimination results show tonight are Melanie Martinez of Team Adam and Trevin Hunte of Team Cee Lo. While Melanie Martinez appeals to the quirky, indie crowd, the song choices for her the past few weeks on The Voice 2012 season 3 have seemed off and the bizarre stage production on one of her songs last night was off-putting.

Melanie Martinez also didn’t make the iTunes Top 10 this week, which means she won’t be getting any voting bonuses. Trevin Hunte is terrific, but he’s starting to become a bit one-note and he has had trouble connecting with his last couple of performances.

I would put in a prediction for Terry McDermott to be in danger as well, but he did manage to crack the iTunes top 10 list for his performances last night, so he’ll be getting bonus votes. Nicholas David and Cassadee Pope also made the iTunes top 10 and they should be safe as well.

The only other result I might see happening tonight is the somewhat ‘shocking’ elimination of Amanda Brown, which would eliminated Adam Levine as a coach from the competition if Melanie Martinez also went home. Although many seem to consider her as a frontrunner, she did not make the iTunes top 10 list this week and her appeal with the voters could be waning after a week of being smoked in the performances last night by several of the other singers.

Who went home on The Voice season 3 from the top 6? Will your favorites survive The Voice elimination results this week? Join us right here at 8PM ET for our live The Voice recap of the top 6 elimination results show for all the answers!

RECAP: The show tonight begins with a guest performance from Ne-Yo of “Let Me Love You (Until You Learn to Love Yourself)” with The Voice season 3 top 6 contestant Amanda Brown.

Apparently there were FOUR of the top 6 who made it into the iTunes top 10 with their performances last night, although I only ever saw Nicholas David, Cassadee Pope and Terry McDermott. Trevin Hunte was the fourth person to crack the top 10 and it could end up with him saved by those multiplied iTunes votes.

Next up we have a duet between rocker Terry McDermott and soulful singer Trevin Hunte on “Feel Again” by One Republic.

Now we have our first results announcement of the evening! The first singer who is through to The Voice season 3 top 4 and will be competing in the semifinals is…

Terry McDermott!

Proof once again that those iTunes vote multipliers are a big deal this season. Team Blake is looking very hot to win The Voice this time considering we pretty much know Cassadee Pope will end up in the final four as well, even if it hasn’t been announced yet.

Another duet now to kill some time before we find out the next singer who will be going through to the top 4. This time it is Cassadee Pope and Amanda Brown with “Breakaway” by Kelly Clarkson.

Following the second duet, we have the second official results announcement and learn who will be next to go on to the semifinals as part of The Voice season 3 top 4. The second contestant who is safe tonight is…

Wow! It’s Trevin Hunte! (Can we say iTunes votes times 10 bonus?)

There goes quite a few predictions for the elimination this week (including mine) and it could mean a very bad time ahead for Team Adam Levine…

Another guest performance now from Rob Thomas and Matchbook 20 with Nicholas David and Trevin Hunte singing “Overjoyed”.

Guess what? The third singer declared safe tonight and moving on to the semifinals next week is… no surprise here…

Cassadee Pope

I’m feeling that Team Adam will shortly be toast…

The third duet of the evening is between Melanie Martinez and Nicholas David on “Criminal” by Fiona Apple. This may be one of the oddest things I’ve ever heard, but at the same time, I kind of want to hear it again… Sucks for them to have to perform together knowing one of them is about to get voted off though. Ouch, that was just mean, producers.

Finally we have our last results for the evening and it is sadly obvious who is going to be next to go home tonight. The official announcement is in and…

That leaves only Nicholas David and Amanda Brown left as the final two to learn their fate tonight.

Which one will be going on to the semifinals and which one will be eliminated? The results are in and the last person moving on tonight is…

Nicholas David!

Amanda Brown has been eliminated.

Here are The Voice season 3 top 4 results:

  • Cassadee Pope
  • Nicholas David
  • Trevin Hunte
  • Terry McDermott

That’s it for our The Voice elimination results show live recap tonight. Join us here again next week for more The Voice 2012 season 3 recaps as the competition continues. Check out more on The Voice 2012 at our partner site, Bookmark us or friend us on Facebook or Twitter for all the latest celebrity gossip, entertainment news, TV recaps and more!

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  1. With the results tonight,season 3 has officially ended. Unbelievable Amanda Brown was not SAVED by the voting public. She was head and shoulders above anyone else in this competition,the most pwerful voice throughout the enire time she was on. Stupid,just plain stupid asking idiots to vote.

  2. yeah Amanda is a great singer but I suppose she doesn’t have the appeal and stage presence the others have. I mean If we judge by the voice only then yeah she’ll be on the top four no doubt but this is television and even if the title of the show is “The Voice” appeal to the audience and tv viewers is big and Amanda kinda lacks on that department.

  3. I believe. That. Blake. Shelton. Has the strongest team of remaining. Singers go terry and cassidy. May the best artist win

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