The X Factor 2012 Finale: Who Won X Factor USA Season 2!

The X Factor 2012 season 2 ends tonight after a long and sometimes painful season, both for the contestants and the fans. Many amazing acts have been voted off The X Factor USA season 2, leaving both singers and their fans heartbroken. Now we are down to just three final acts left to find out who will be The X Factor winner tonight: Carly Rose Sonenclar of Team Britney Spears, Tate Stevens of Team L. A. Reid and Fifth Harmony of Team Simon Cowell.

Fifth Harmony, Tate Stevens & Carly Rose Sonenclar on The X Factor USA
Photo: FOX Entertainment

Will your favorite take home the title of The X Factor season 2 winner tonight? Join us for our live The X Factor results show recap for the season 2 finale and find out with us!

Who won The X Factor season 2 tonight may very well come down to country fans versus the tweens when the final votes are announced. Teen powerhouse Carly Rose Sonenclar of Team Britney Spears has been a frontrunner all season long and her supporters are extremely rabid. A strong majority of them are also young fans with a willingness to spend hours getting in as many votes as they can manage for their favorite singer. Even with her strong fan base, high praise from the judges and undeniable talent, however, Carly Rose Sonenclar could very likely end up in second place on The X Factor results show for the season 2 finale.

Carly Rose Sonenclar appeals to the younger generation and the adoring Mom types out there who love how precocious she is. Country crooner Tate Stevens of Team L. A. Reid, however, has the older generation of viewers and an endless stream of country music lovers from all over to draw from. Not only is Tate Stevens wonderfully talented, he has a great story and, seemingly, a solid gold heart to back up his diamond-in-the-rough vocals. He almost certainly has the powerful Southern American voting block in the bag and they are a true force to be reckoned with. He could quite easily emerge as The X Factor winner for season 2.

Unfortunately for Fifth Harmony of Team Simon Cowell, they are pretty much already doomed to earn third place going into The X Factor finale show tonight. Carly Rose Sonenclar and Tate Stevens have been trading first and second place in the vote ranking for weeks. Fifth Harmony hasn’t even come close to achieving that kind of support from the viewers. They are, frankly, lucky to have even made it to The X Factor season 2 finale at all. That doesn’t mean they won’t make any contribution tonight though. In fact, they could end up very well end up stealing just enough votes from Carly Rose Sonenclar to put Tate Stevens over the edge for the win.

If I had to place a bet on who will emerge as The X Factor 2012 winner for season 2, I would have to give a slight edge tonight to Tate Stevens. While Carly Rose Sonenclar seemed to be destined to win just a few weeks ago, she may have peaked too soon. I think the country fans will give Tate Stevens the bump he needs to beat her in the end.

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