The X Factor 2012 Spoilers: Top 12 Finalists Revealed!

The X Factor 2012 elimination results show for the first live performance week is now over! The X Factor season 2 Top 12 has been chosen by judges Simon Cowell, Britney Spears, L. A. Reid and Demi Lovato. From here on out, America will be voting on who they want to stay in the competition… if there is anyone left they want to vote for. Several fan favorites fell on The X Factor results show on Wednesday, leaving some viewers disgruntled with the choices made by the judges. Who was eliminated on The X Factor season 2 this week? Which singers are moving forward in The X Factor 2012 Top 12? We have the elimination results for you in our The X Factor spoilers for Wednesday night’s show!


This post contains spoilers from The X Factor results show Thursday night. Please stop reading if you do not want to know who made the Top 12 and who went home on The X Factor season 2 this week!

Fan reaction to the choices made in the young adult category seem relatively accepting when it was announced Willie Jones was cut in The X Factor 2012 elimination results on Wednesday night. Of course, Willie’s fans were not pleased at all and they were vocal on the Net in expressing their displeasure. However, Willie Jones had been struggling for weeks to reclaim the glory of his audition and he just has not been able to do it. So it wasn’t really a shock to anyone that he ended up going home.

On the other hand, there are some seriously pissed off viewers out there when it comes to who The X Factor 2012 judge L. A. Reid chose for his bottom two in the over-25 category. Of his four remaining singers, L. A. Reid gave a “safe” pass to Vino Allan and Tate Stevens. This sparked outrage among some watchers of the show, many of whom seem to think the safe singers should have been Jason Brock and David Correy.

Of course, there are plenty of Vino and Tate supporters out there as well, but I’ve been reading a lot of comments on the social media feeds about L. A. Reid making the wrong choices tonight on The X Factor season 2 results show. After Jason Brock and David Correy went head to head, a large group of viewers seemed shocked that L. A. Reid decided to go with Jason Brock as his third team member going forward. David Correy, who seems to have had quite a fan following, was eliminated.

In the teen category, fans of young powerhouse singer Diamond White were all riled up when she ended up in the bottom two on her team with Arin Ray. One comment I read actually accused Britney of dissing Diamond White because she considers her a threat. That might be a little paranoid. If putting her in the bottom two wasn’t insult enough to her many followers, the judges all seem to have agreed that it would be an unforgivable act to eliminate Arin Ray after his performance tonight. So, Diamond White, a very early favorite on The X Factor USA season 2, was sent home.

Less controversial was Simon Cowell’s bottom two in the groups category. I get the feeling that the groups just aren’t inspiring quite the same level of rabid fan love this year as the acts in some of the other categories. After last night’s performances, the two acts Simon Cowell picked out to go to the Top 12 immediately were Emblem3 and Lyric145. The other two groups, Sister C and 1432 (formerly LYLAS) had to face-off to determine who would make it through. In the end, it was almost an obvious given that 1432 would win through. Simon Cowell has talked about how awesome they are way more than he has about Sister C. What Simon wants, Simon gets and 1432 is in the Top 12. Sister C was eliminated.

Simon Cowell, like most everyone else, detests the name 1432 though. So he would like the public to start directing name suggestions at The X Factor so they can please come up with something more original.

That’s how it all went down tonight! So after all that drama, here is your The X Factor season 2 Top 12!

The X Factor 2012 Top 12 Spoilers:

Team Demi Lovato: Janell Garcia, Paige Thomas and CeCe Frey

Team L. A. Reid: Vino Allan, Tate Stevens and Jason Brock

Team Britney Spears: Carly Rose Sonenclar, Beatrice Miller and Arin Ray

Team Simon Cowell: Emblem3, Lyric145 and 1432

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  1. No Diamond No X Factor. Guess I will check out the voice since they judge by their ears and listen for real talent.

  2. beatrice miller she not that good singer they should keep diamond white i guess britney spears dont know what she doing to send someone home

  3. Totally. There is no way you can send home that amazing voice. That was flawless. Simon was totally agree that she should stay. What a disgrace!

  4. Diamond if you ever read this..want you to know that I like many others think you deserved to stay and dont worry when you come back to the media. I know you will shine..talent like yours is impossible to go unnoticed…

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