The X Factor 2013 Results: Who Won The X Factor Season 3?

We believe that at the end of the night, who won The X Factor 2013 would come down to a very slim margin. Although Alex & Sierra appear to have the lead in many fan polls, Jeff Gutt had an extremely strong social media backing on Twitter and Facebook. We are pretty sure poor Carlito Olivero wouldn’t be the one who won The X Factor season 3, but we think he should be very proud he made it this far against such stiff competition.

The X Factor season 5 finale - Source: FOX
The X Factor season 5 finale – Source: FOX

While we were personally cheering for Alex & Sierra to win at the end of the star-studded The X Factor finale this week, we understand why his fans love Jeff Gutt. He’s a rocker, he has a more mainstream appeal than Alex & Sierra, and his obvious adoration of his cute son gives him a sweet and sensitive site as well. Plus, he gave it all he had on part one of The X Factor season 3 finale in his final performances, there is no doubt of that!

Whether it ended up being Alex & Sierra or Jeff Gutt who won The X Factor USA this season, we will be fans of both far into the future. Thankfully, if you just want to skip right through two hours worth of guest performances, group numbers, and silly montage videos to find out who wins — we are here to provide! Keep on reading below for The X Factor spoilers on who was named as the season 5 winner!

[WARNING: This post contains major The X Factor season 5 spoilers on who won tonight. Please click away now if you do not want to know!]









In third place tonight, as expected, is… Carlito Olivera! We’re sure he was probably expecting this result but it you always hold out hope anyway. We feel bad for him but hope Paulina Rubio will be there for him to help him explore future musical opportunities.

In second place tonight and named the runner-up of The X Factor season 5 is… Jeff Gutt!

Alex & Sierra have won! We have to say we are pleased by the results and can’t wait to hear what kind of album they will put out. We’re sure we haven’t heard the last of Jeff Gutt either and hope someone will snatch him up for a record deal of his own pronto.

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