The X Factor 2013 Spoilers: Who Goes Home From the Top 6?

Going into The X Factor results show on Thursday, we are pretty sure which acts are going to end up in the bottom this week based on last night’s performances. Predicting exactly who got voted off The X Factor 2013 from the Top 6 is a bit more difficult. We have an idea about which acts would probably be the ones who went home on The X Factor season 3 in this round, but the viewers are a fickle lot and you never know until the last vote is counted.

The X Factor season 3 top 6 - Source: FOX
The X Factor season 3 top 6 – Source: FOX

Based on her track record so far and her performances last night, we are relatively certain that Ellona Santiago will not be one of the two who got eliminated on The X Factor 2013 this week. Figuring out what will happen from there more of a roll of the dice. All of the rest of the acts have solid fan bases but none of them seem to really stand out over the others all that much.

We think the bottom three in The X Factor results tonight will probably end up being Alex & Sierra, Rion Paige, and Carlito Olivero. However, it could easily be either Restless Road or Jeff Gutt down there instead of Alex & Sierra since they do seem to have a very loyal fan base voting for them. Plus, we’re rather fond of Alex & Sierra and don’t want them to end up in danger this week!

When it comes down to it, we are pretty sure the ones who got eliminated on The X Factor season three tonight will be Rion Paige and Carlito Olivero. After all the votes are counted and the final showdown is over, we’ll have to wait and see exactly what happens!

We’ll bring you the official results right here of who was voted off The X Factor 2013 tonight as soon as they are in!

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