The X Factor 2013 Spoilers: Who Got Voted Off From the Top 6?

No matter who got voted off The X Factor 2013 tonight from the Top 6, we were going to be bummed. We honestly think most of the remaining finalists are special in their own ways. We were especially afraid that adorable Rion Paige might be the one who went home on The X Factor season 3 this week.

The X Factor 2013 Top 6 - Source: FOX
The X Factor 2013 Top 6 – Source: FOX

We admit we are a sucker for Rion’s incredibly bright spirit, even if she’s not the best singer left in the competition. So it was with a heavy heart we watched The X Factor results show tonight, thinking it might indeed be her who was eliminated. If not her, we were really hoping it wouldn’t be duo Alex & Sierra either because we just love those wacky kids, even if they aren’t really Sonny and Cher reincarnated as Paulina Rubio would like to think.

To be honest though, we were pretty sure one of our favorite acts would probably be the one who was eliminated on The X Factor 2013 this week. After all, we always root for the underdogs and some of the other singers just seem to have far stronger voter support.

Ellona Santiago, the 17-year-old powerhouse, seemed like a pretty solid bet for the finals. Pretty much every The X Factor fan site and poll out there seemed to indicate she had nothing to worry about. We also thought Restless Road would probably make it through in the safe zone. They have fans from across the country and they are tied in to the all-important tween and teenage girl vote, we figured they would at least make it to the final four.

Despite our complete disinterest in returnee Jeff Gutt (other than a twinge at his cute son), the voters seem to love him too. He’s really the only contestant we really think is rather boring to watch every week, but America apparently disagrees! We thought he would probably end up safe as well, leaving Alex & Sierra, Carlito Olivero, and Rion Paige in the bottom three. We thought after their performances last night that maybe Alex & Sierra would at least hopefully end up safe.

Imagine our total shock when halfway through The X Factor results show on Thursday night, it was announced that the person with the lowest number of votes this week was… Ellona Santiago! Wow! We totally did not expect that and a huge uproar erupted on Twitter when she was suddenly eliminated right there and then. That made us totally rethink all of our predictions tonight!

Turns out, however, we were correct about which two acts would end up in the bottom two. After the rest of the acts were declared safe for the evening, Rion Paige and Carlito Olivero were in the bottom. They had to face off in a final showdown to determine which person would end up being the second one who was eliminated on The X Factor 2013 tonight.

Sadly, after the final The X Factor results were announced, we had to say goodbye to plucky Rion Paige, who joined Ellona Santiago as the acts who went home on The X Factor season 3 this week. One very predictable outcome and one totally shocking one. What a night!

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4 thoughts on “The X Factor 2013 Spoilers: Who Got Voted Off From the Top 6?”

  1. Ellona was the one I most wanted to see go so I got my wish tonight. I don’t care for her over-the-top antics and her likability is pretty low. She can sing but so can Alex & Sierra, Restless Road, Jeff Gutt, and Rion. Carlito is very likable but IMO he’s pretty inconsistent and his singing is not on the same level as the aforementioned contestants.

  2. Ellona being sent home first is a joke. Not only does she sing AND dance, but she can sing and dance WELL. She lights up the stage when she’s performing.

    After Kaya, Ellona is the best vocally, along with Alex and Sierra. She could headline her own show now, she has great stage presence. She is like Selena Gomez but a much better singer. If she’d gotten to sing for survival, she would have easily out sung anyone there and she probably would end up at least in the top 3.

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