The X Factor 2013 Spoilers: Who Will Win The X Factor Season 3?

Figuring out who won The X Factor season 3 is a lot tougher than predicting who would win The Voice season 5 on Tuesday. We would like to just call it right now for Alex & Sierra, but our pick for who will win The X Factor 2013 may be more sentimental than logical. While we think the quirky lovers deserve to win, we worry that the voters will decide to go for a more mainstream choice.

The X Factor season 5 top 3 - Source: FOX
The X Factor season 5 top 3 – Source: FOX

If you look back at all the performances of the final three acts, we feel Alex & Sierra of Team Simon Cowell have given the most mesmerizing and spectacular moments on The X Factor season 3 of all of them. While we like Jeff Gutt of team Kelly Rowland, we tend to be more moved by his adorable son than his vocal prowess on stage. Sometimes, he just feels only a couple of steps above a really good karaoke singer and he tends to just push everything too hard. As for Carlito Olivero of Team Paulina Rubio, he’s a cute guy with a fun style, but we just don’t feel he’s a superstar in the making and his voice is sometimes rough.

The problem is, we can’t really quite figure out where Alex & Sierra will fit out there in the musical world. You could stick Jeff Gutt in front of a band and throw him out there touring around like many rocker boys before him from various reality TV competitions. Carlito Olivero has a niche with his Latin vibe going on and he could be cross-promoted in both cultures. Alex & Sierra are, well, just kind of different. They are like a baby version of a modern day Sonny & Cher. We just don’t know where they go from here.

Regardless, however, we really want them to win. We think the viewer support is out there for them to be The X Factor season 5 winners. From what we can tell from the fan polls and most of the blogger predictions out there, everyone seems to be on board with our opinion on who wins The X Factor 2013. Still, we feel a bit nervous about those voters out there, who have often given us a last minute, shocking vote in the finale and left us wondering what the heck happened.

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