The X Factor 2013 Spoilers: Who Wins The X Factor Season 3?

Yesterday, we were hoping it would be Alex & Sierra who won The X Factor 2013. After last night’s peformances in part one of The X Factor season 3 finale, we believe if they don’t win, it would be a total shock. However, while we think they should be the ones who will win The X Factor 2013 tonight, fans of Jeff Gutt and Carlito Olivero aren’t giving up quite yet.

The X Factor season 3 top 3 - Source: FOX
The X Factor season 3 top 3 – Source: FOX
The only The X Factor spoilers we have to go from on who wins season 3 are the results of fan polls and iTunes rankings. According to those, it appears that Alex & Sierra will be the winners by a significant margin. Most of the bloggers out there are also giving it to Alex & Sierra, with the general consensus being that they dominated last night’s performances.

However, Jeff Gutt fans were out in force last night campaigning for their guy, and The X Factor judge Kelly Rowland has pushed him hard to viewers. How can you not want all the best for the guy just so he can give his adorable son everything he could wish for in life? Plus, let’s be frank, he was definitely on last night, especially with this performance:

Poor Carlito Olivero is trailing so far down in the polls that he doesn’t look like he has the slightest chance of being The X Factor 2013 winner. If something happened and he actually won, we think even The X Factor judge Paulina Rubio would burst into flame out of spontaneous surprise. He’s a likeable enough guy and fun to watch, but he just hasn’t managed to stick with the viewers in the same way as Alex & Sierra and Jeff Gutt.

Tonight’s The X Factor season 5 finale will be a grand explosion of guest performances and stalling tactics to stretch the show out for two full hours before we find out who wins. We’ll have to wade through pop-ins from Glee’s Lea Michele, Mary J. Blige, Leona Lewis, One Direction, Pitbull and Ke$ha. There will also be tons of group numbers featuring previously eliminated contestants as well, we’re sure. All very entertaining, but we would just rather they skip it all and tell us who won The X Factor USA season 5 and be done!

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4 thoughts on “The X Factor 2013 Spoilers: Who Wins The X Factor Season 3?”

  1. Alex and Sierra are lame and won’t last. They’re more like a lounge act than artists with any chance at any amount top 40 radio airplay. With that said, Jeff Gutt has the potential to be the next Chris Daughtry and record companies should salivating at the thought of signing him to a record deal.

  2. I haven’t gotten the whole Alex and Sierra mania, I thought they should have been gone weeks ago. Having said that, I must admit they have done major improvement, but I thought their performances last night were 3rd place performances. I say Jeff Gutt all the way!!!

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