The X Factor Season 2 Recap: Final 3 Results Revealed!

The X Factor season 2 finale is almost here and tonight fans will find out which three acts will be competing for the $5 million recording contract grand prize next week. The final four acts have survived a harsh season of highs and lows to make it to this last The X Factor 2012 results show for season 2 before the finale. Will the predictions of an easy ride to the next round come true for Carly Rose Sonenclar of Team Britney Spears and Tate Stevens of Team L. A. Reid?  Can Team Simon Cowell’s created girl group Fifth Harmony manage to steal the final spot from boy band Emblem3? Or will a major upset throw all the predictions for the final three right out the window? Who was voted off The X Factor USA tonight? Find out all these answers and more in our live The X Factor recap of the semi-finals elimination result show!


This post contains The X Factor USA spoilers for season 2, episode 20. Please stop reading if you do not want to know what happened and who went home on The X Factor 2012 season 2 this week!

The one contestant I absolutely feel simply most go through to The X Factor finals next week is teen powerhouse Carly Rose Sonenclar. While her performances on The X Factor USA last night may not have been her best of the season, they were still fantastic. This tiny girl with the huge voice has an enormous future ahead of her and I’m really hoping the voters aren’t crazy enough miss how seriously talented she is. If Carly Rose were the one who was eliminated on The X Factor tonight, I would be shocked and entirely dismayed at the bad taste of the American voting public.

I have a strong feeling country cowboy Tate Stevens will make it through The X Factor USA elimination results show tonight as well. I am not a fan of country music at all and last night he had a few rough moments, but Tate Stevens is just meant for the Nashville stage. Considering he has been trading the #1 spot with Carly Rose Sonenclar for weeks, I would be just as shocked if he went home as I would if she got voted off The X Factor season 2 this week. Both of them deserve to go through to The X Factor season 2 finale and I sincerely hope they will.

When it comes to the two groups remaining on Team Simon Cowell, I honestly just don’t care either way. While plenty of screaming fans will probably disagree with me, I just don’t see that either group is all that special or has the mass appeal of an act like–for example–One Direction. (Not that I like One Direction, I am not fond of boy bands in general, but they obviously have the ‘X’ factor, whatever that is.)

I think Fifth Harmony had a few nice moments here and there during the season. I also think they have done rather decently for a group that didn’t even exist before The X Factor 2012 season 2 began. On the other hand, Emblem3 had their shining moments on the stage as well, including one quite good performance on The X Factor last night. In the end, I don’t really think it matters all that much which group gets through to The X Factor USA finale, because I don’t believe either of them deserve to become the winner of The X Factor season 2.

Here is the voter ranking of the top 4 finalists from last week going into tonight’s The X Factor results show:

1. Tate Stevens (Team L. A. Reid)
2. Carly Rose Sonenclar (Team Britney Spears)
3. Emblem3 (Team Simon Cowell)
4. Fifth Harmony (Team Simon Cowell)

Who go voted off The X Factor USA 2012 in the semi-finals round? Who made it to The X Factor season 2 finals? We’ll be right here with our live The X Factor recap of this week’s elimination results show at 8PM ET!

RECAP: Tonight on The X Factor results show, the judges will have absolutely no say in who gets to move on to the finals next week. The top three finalists will be chosen exclusively by the voters this week.

Of course, before we can get to those results, we have to have a whole lot of filler entertainment first. To kick off the show tonight, we have the top 4 acts on stage together performing “I’m Coming Home” by Diddy.

After our ‘Brady Bunch’ group performance by the top 4 acts to start off the evening, we move along to a brief recap of last night’s performances. The judges give their commentary as usual, which really doesn’t need repeating and is generally rather boring. You can watch the video below for all that jazz.

Now let’s get on with the elimination results shall we? After an endlessly long commercial break, we finally learn the first singer who will be declared safe tonight and go on to The X Factor season 2 finals. The first act put through by the voters to next week’s finale is…

Wow, this could turn out to be a very unexpected evening… because the first act announced as safe tonight is…

Fifth Harmony!

I really thought they would be the act least likely to move on to the finals next week. Now I’m starting to worry the results show tonight might hold more than one shock…

Next up is the first guest performance of the night with Bridgit Mendler singing “Ready Or Not” for the crowd. While the performance was decent enough, I personally just want to know who the rest of the top 3 finalists are!

Host Mario Lopez has to go and bring up The X Factor season 3 auditions, which just reminds me that my fingers are probably going to eventually fall off from recapping reality TV shows like this one.

Finally, we get to our next announcement of the results this evening and learn the next act declared safe by the voters tonight. This one is, thankfully, not a shock as the voters have decided to put through…

Tate Stevens!

That leaves Emblem3 and Carly Rose Sonenclar the last to find out their fates tonight. If for some insane reason America has voted to keep the boy band over the girl with the golden pipes, I swear I’ll scream out loud and scare the hell out of the neighbors.

One more delay before we learn the final results as Bruno Mars takes the stage to perform his hit “Locked Out of Heaven” for the crowd. I’m always a fan of Bruno Mars, but right now I just want to hit him over the head with a guitar and drag him off stage so I can learn who was voted off on The X Factor semi-finals results tonight!

Here we go with the last results of the night at last. The final two acts, Carly Rose Sonenclar and Emblem3 are on the stage. Which one will be voted off and which one will make it to the finals next week? The votes are in and the last act declared safe by the voters is…

Carly Rose Sonenclar!

Thank goodness because I really didn’t want to have to punch my computer screen if America really voted the boy band to the finals over Carly Rose. Thank you voters!

Here are The X Factor USA season 2 top 3 remaining contestants after the votes:

1. Fifth Harmony
2. Tate Stevens
3. Carly Rose Sonenclar

Eliminated: Emblem3

That’s it for our The X Factor results show recap for the season 2 semi-finals. Join us here again next Tuesday night for our next X Factor USA recap. Bookmark us or friend us on Facebook or Twitter for all the latest celebrity gossip, entertainment news, TV recaps and more!

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  1. I’m depending on you to tell me all the results – I don’t have cable!!! AHH!! I’m dying! Come on Carly…she just looked so nervous…I can’t take it…is Bruno Mars still on stage?

  2. Sorry, but Carly rose should have gone home tonite- she was the least enjoyable of all 4 acts last nite. Once again singing ballads, she chose 2 great classic songs & oversang them both- creating high shrill notes where they were never meant to be, & completely UNDERwhelming my family! There’s no doubt she was the most talented female soloist in this yrs competition; but she was completely outshined by the 2 groups & Tate Stevens last nite- & should have gone home. John Lennon must have rolled over in his grave after hearing her awful rendition of “Imagine” last night! Ugh!

  3. I do not believe that the group left Emblem3. shocked to I! I do not believe the Fifty Harmony came in first!

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