Things Could Get Dicey with Gervais at Golden Globes

Ricky Gervais will be making a repeat performance as the host of the Golden Globes and while fans are thrilled, there’s some concern he may not … toe the line. Gervais hosted the event last year and his appearance has been called “lightening in a bottle.” Even he’s been quoted as saying there’s no way he could pull off a repeat performance. He managed to say what millions were thinking, offend people who greenlit many of the project, and generally bit the hand the fed him. No wonder he’s nervous he won’t be able to do it again.

He did say he’d like to improve on his 2011 performance – by making is 2012 appearance more outrageous than before. Said Gervais: “Not sure if I’m flattered that they trust me or insulted that they trust me. Either way…they shouldn’t trust me.”

It could really go either way. On the one hand, this has the potentially to go so horribly wrong and blow up in the producers’ faces … on the other hand it could be a huge viewership boost for NBC as people tune in to see what Gervais will do or say next.

The timing also will be good publicity for the comedian’s new TV venture, “Life’s Too Short” which will make its U.S. debut on HBO in early 2012.