This Is Gonna Get Ugly!

Christie Brinkley’s taken the gloves in her impending divorce from hubby Peter Cook. Peter has been a very bad boy! Wannabe singer Diana Bianchi — who was at the center of the Christie Brinkley-Peter Cook scandal two years ago — has been subpoenaed to testify in the upcoming divorce trial.

Bianchi’s attorney told Entertainment Tonight Monday

“She is looking to move forward in her life and regain her anonymity. She has pursued a career in music by her own choice. That choice has nothing to do with Christie Brinkley or Peter Cook. She wants the media to respect her privacy.

The trial, which Peter fought to keep private, will be open to the public and is set to begin July 2 in Long Island. Brinkley, 54, will reportedly claim that Cook, 49 — with whom she raised two children, Jack, 13, and Sailor, 9 — often trolled Internet porn and swinger sites in search of women.

Cook couldn’t just keep his dalliances online. He robbed the cradle and had a fling with Bianchi (his then-19-year-old assistant). Christie did NOT let it slide, and filed for divorce in 2006. Bianchi was also not amused, and sued Cook! They settled out of court last year. Brinkley is pleased HER trial is open to the public because “she’s still spitting mad at Cook.”

Her attorney says that “Since the case hasn’t been able to be resolved, Ms. Brinkley looks forward to her day in court.” Oh yes she is! A woman scorned indeed! Christie’s not only still fab looking, she’s become a very successful real estate investor. Diana is obviously not on his side either, and isn’t likely to help his case. Peter’s an idiot. Christie is NOT, and is gonna clean his clock.

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  1. Bitterness never solved anything. Revenge doesn’t sow happiness. Maybe if she took a step back and thought about something besides her own hurt feelings, she’d see the kids need her to be a good example here. Christy, have a bottle of Purple and relax a little. He showed his backside. Don’t show yours.

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