Thor Star Jaimie Alexander Recovering After ‘Horrible’ Injury on Set

Thor: The Dark World star Jaimie Alexander says she is lucky not to be paralyzed after suffering a ” pretty horrible” injury on set. Jaimie Alexander, who plays warrior Lady Sif in the Thor film series, reportedly slipped while it was raining on set. Although the injury was apparently serious, the actress says she is on the road to recovery.

Jaimie Alexander posted a message on her Twitter feed on Monday that she “sustained a pretty horrible injury” on the set of Thor: The Dark World and was “lucky I’m not paralyzed.” She gave her heartfelt thanks to everyone who was taking care of her.
On Tuesday, the Thor star followed up by saying that she was “feeling better today! Speedy recovery taking place!” She added that she was off to see another specialist with a smile on her face and thanked her fans for their love. Later, she posted again saying: “Received great news today! Meds are kicking in. Awesome funny nurses here at the hospital. Physio tomorrow. All good.”

Alexander’s publicist released a statement on Tuesday saying the actress slipped as she was walking on the set while it was raining, but he did not add any additional details about the specific nature of the her injuries. He also said there would be no interruption in the filming schedule for Thor: The Dark World because the film had to shift the filming schedule to work around the rain anyway.

Ironically, Jaimie Alexander Tweeted the day before she slipped and fell that she was “loving the London rain outside my window right now.” Guess it didn’t love you back, Lady Sif.

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