Thora Birch involved in bizarre real-life drama

Actress Thora Birch, whom you might remember from American Beauty, was cast in an off-Broadway production of Dracula in which she was slated to play Dracula’s romantic interest.  However, a very strange situation involving physical touching and parental meddling may have led to Thora’s removal from the production.

Beau Bridges‘ daughter, Emily, is now set to take over the role Thora was supposed to play, and the rumour is that the production company dropped Thora because of an issue involving her father, and specifically some massages that he was unhappy about.  Apparently Thora had been getting backstage back rubs from another cast member, but this rubbed Dad the wrong way, and he was pretty vocal about his anger.  Yet another show biz career affected by controlling parents sticking their noses in!

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  1. Thora must be 27, or 28 years old by now why does what her father believe have any bearing whatsoever?

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