Tiger Woods Divorce Called Off by Wife Elin Nordegren?

If this rumor is true, we really have to wonder what is going through Elin Nordegren‘s head. According to the latest gossip, Tiger Woods‘ wife has allegedly decided to call off plans to divorce her cheating husband after visiting him at sex rehab last week.

Tiger Woods (Photo by: Keith Allison, source: Wikimedia Commons)
Tiger Woods (Photo by: Keith Allison, source: Wikimedia Commons)

Elin Nordegren Woods reportedly spent five days shacked up with husband Tiger Woods at a sex rehab clinic in Mississippi last week, returning home on Sunday. Now Mrs. Woods is allegedly rethinking her plans to divorce him.

An unidentified source reportedly told RadarOnline.com that Elin Woods was “happy when she came home” after visiting Tiger Woods and now wants to try to work things out with her husband. “He’s told her he’s serious about making it work and doing whatever he can,” the source allegedly said.

We’re a firm believer in forgive and forget, especially when there are children involved. Honestly though, can you ever really have a successful, happy, long-term relationship after knowing your husband probably slept with half the women he’s ever met? Or be confident he really won’t do it again – sex rehab or not?

Then again, no one is still actually certain Tiger Woods is at that sex rehab clinic in Mississippi. A few grainy photographs and sketchy eyewitness accounts haven’t proven that for certain. Elin Woods may have well been off hammering out divorce papers with a celebrity lawyer last week. Until Tiger Woods or his wife actually show their faces in public and start talking, all the speculation in the world is just so much hot air.

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9 thoughts on “Tiger Woods Divorce Called Off by Wife Elin Nordegren?”

  1. I cannot believe that Elin has such little self confidence that she would use her kids as an excuse to stay with Tiger Woods. What lessons is she teaching her daughter?
    This woman has got to have the record for LOW SELF ESTEEM
    Please Elin seek some help of your own and let Tiger deal with his own baggage.
    You have a daughter and since you are prepared to use her to stay in this loveless and disgusting marriage you need help so that she does not repeat your mistakes

  2. Good for Elin…stick in there if you love him…when you are married to a good looking, successful man…you are going to have women chaseing him…if you love him, stick to him and keep him close to the home fires of love, companionship, and family…it’s worth it every day!!! After a life time, you’ll be happy you did!!!

  3. She was probably getting screwed with the pre-nup. She’s gonna stick around for a few more years until she can collect a bigger paycheck. This has nothing to do with kids, her self-esteem or anything else.

  4. Low self esteam? No self confidence? Teaching daughter lessons? This is the best lesson a mom can teach her daughter. Tuffer and stronger then our counterparts. Hats off to you Elin to use the “old cellphone gottcha” trick. This marrage is a great business to be in. Lets talk about the money. You can love and forgive anybody with that amount. Don’t kid yourself; she loves herself first then her children and the worm; well that has to grow and it will. Get him back in his game; golfing; and all will be right with the world. Love? Try lust. You marry a complete stranger to possess and conquer and build for your retirement and one discovers this later in life because life makes you smarter. Don’t get all righteous now Ladies; oh you must of had a bad time and a crummy life with your man; No; a good life with the same man for over 42 years and I treat him as well as I treat myself. My message to Mrs. Tiger Woods would be good for you sweetie and may the “force be with you”.

  5. Elin….Focus on your own healthy & 2 kids.demands most of your husband’s fortune without get divorce,,don’t give any chance to the low class dogs ..they don’t have own respect person as you know,,their job are selling their body to earn $,,,your husband is not honest with you,,why you still pro him.?don’t expect your husband too much,,he is unfaithful,just ignorane him ,,but don’t get divorce.take his money as much as you can.enjoy your own life with 2 kids,,don’t be get stress,,just try to be calm down,,man has alot of weakness ,when they see the sexy body,,that make their banana get hard and they forget everything..most of all men in the world is same.when you get stress,then you get sick and get very fast old..that is unhealthy,don’t trust any man,after this happend with your unfaithful husband,take good care for yourself,your health & 2kids,keep your own money.and try be happy by yourself,,don’t ever contact or talk with that all low class dogs.God Bless You.

  6. If they are getting a divorce, I believe that she should get exactly what the pre-nup states, she has not had to work since they have been together she did not swing a golf clubs(on the green not at him) and get the money or the endorsements. Give her half of his money are you crazy. Just because a person is famous and weathly does not give people the chance to clean them out

  7. After deceiving, betraying and humiliating Elin Nordegren in front of the world, Tiger Woods continues to take advantage of Elin by subjecting her to emotional blackmail. Tiger has been pleading and begging Elin not to divorce him and making her all kind of promises. I hope and pray that Elin have had a clear understanding of Tiger’s issues before she made the decision to stay with him for her sake and the sake of the children.

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