Tiger Woods Fart Video Shows Even Sports Legends Are Human

If you ever wanted proof that even sports legends are all too human, the Tiger Woods fart video raging wildly over the Internet on Monday certainly serves as strong evidence.

The real story out of the Buick Open should have been about golf legend Tiger Woods’ easy win. Instead, it seems like nobody really cares who took home the victory trophy. All that’s really important is the answer to the question, “Who farted?”

Toilet humor to be sure, but there is no denying the Tiger Woods fart video is rather amusing. Although it isn’t absolutely sure the legendary golfer is the one who cut the cheese (it could have been caddy Steve Williams), the giggles between the two pretty much guarantee one of them is the guilty party.

Watch the video for yourself and see if you can figure out which grinning guy does the farting. Hint: Tiger Woods does a very interesting move with his leg right before the very loud gas explosion. Added humor - the commentator saying “just gotta try and release it a little bit more…” moments before somebody ‘releases it’ quite a lot.

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