Tiger Woods Latest Update: Mistress Count Continues

More alleged Tiger Woods mistresses continue to crawl out of the woodwork this week, including a new claim by porn star Joslyn James. James, real name Veronica Siwik-Daniels, claims she provided “years of faithful service” to Wood’s sexual appetite.

Tiger Woods
Tiger Woods

The rumors of Woods’ newest alleged mistress spawn from DeadSpin.com, which claims a friend of Joslyn James says the porn star used to crow about “all the freaky shit Tiger dug in bed” and how she got paid by the golf legend for her time.

Josyln James - aka Veronica Siwik-Daniels
Josyln James - aka Veronica Siwik-Daniels

This brings the total Tiger Woods mistress count to (allegedly) around 11. We have a list (and photos) of the previous ten speculated Tiger conquests in a previous post. The first lady to be publicly identified as a possible Tiger Woods mistress, Rachel Uchitel, told OK! Magazine she has unfairly been labeled a “villain” in the whole affair. “People have called me a homewrecker, gold digger, tramp, whore. I make mistakes, but I’m not those things.”

Meanwhile, Tiger Woods’ mother-in-law Barbo Holmberg is reportedly recovering after being rushed to the hospital from his home on Tuesday. Homberg was reportedly suffering from stomach pains and was later released from the hospital and doing fine.

A report from FoxNews.com claims Tiger Woods and wife Elin Nordegren Woods are considering leaving the country for a while to escape the media frenzy over the golfer’s alleged affairs. Might not be such a bad idea.

Then again, with Tiger’s apparent liking for tall, hot, blond women, moving to Sweden maybe not such a wise idea after all…

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  1. someone should contact Rachel Lefebure for the REAL story. I met her when I was at Brown…she was drunk one night in 07. I think she went to Providence. she said she met him regularly and she knew. it was arranged marriage. she said once she had her sister pretend to be her and join Rachel and he, so she could be with the other man.

  2. If Tiger only had two or three mistresses, he would be a lion cheetah, but with this many, the poor baby obviously has an addiction. We should embrace him and help nurture a speedy recovery. (NOT!)

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