Tiger Woods Love Child Times Two?

A porn star by the name of Devon James has come forward with a claim that golf legend Tiger Woods fathered her 9-year-old son. Another of Tiger Woods’ alleged mistresses, Theresa Rogers, also claims Tiger Woods is the daddy of her love child.

Tiger Woods (Photo: Mono P - Source: Wikimedia Commons)
Tiger Woods (Photo: Mono P - Source: Wikimedia Commons)

Porn star Devon James allegedly claims Tiger Woods got her pregnant and she gave birth to a son in 2001, according to RadarOnline.com. “[Devon James] says Tiger is the father of her child,” an unidentified source allegedly told RadarOnline.com. “And she’s insistent about it.”

Devon James (Publicity Photo - Source: Devonxxx.com)
Devon James (Publicity Photo - Source: Devonxxx.com)

Theresa Rogers, a British journalist, also allegedly claims she had a baby fathered by Tiger Woods. Rogers gave birth to a daughter in 2003, which she reportedly asked for millions to keep quiet about. Her claim is documented in BBC Channel 4’s Tiger Woods: The Rise and Fall airing on Thursday.

Considering how many of the golfer’s alleged mistresses claim the golfer liked to have unprotected sex, we wouldn’t be surprised if there is a Tiger Woods love child or two out there somewhere. Until we see proof of a DNA test, however, we aren’t buying any of these claims.

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  1. Nothing surprises me anymore about this very sick man!!! Tiger Woods continues to humiliate his family in front of the world each time more details of his sordid secret life come to light! Tiger Woods has very serious emotional and character issues!!! He is an immoral serial adulterer and liar, a remorseless, soulless, self centered shell of a person. Tiger and his Team have been using everyone for their own selfish purposes for a very long time! Tiger’s big act of contrition and repentance was staged by his PR team to get sympathy from his wife, fans and sponsors! Tiger has caused Elin and the children enough pain and suffering to last them a lifetime!!!

  2. I hope he pulled out early! UGh. As a celebrity myself, with 8 kids by 9 different women, I know how it can be… be strong Tiger, you were set up!

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