Tiger Woods Masters Tickets Price Gouging Ramps Up

Even before Tiger Woods formally announced he would be returning to the golf world at the Masters Tournament at Augusta National, ticket prices for the event were already getting out of hand in anticipation he might show up. Now that everyone knows Woods will be playing, Masters golf tournament ticket prices are soaring into the thousands of dollars.

Tiger Woods (Photo by: Keith Allison - Source: Wikimedia Commons)
Tiger Woods (Photo by: Keith Allison - Source: Wikimedia Commons)

Tickets for the Masters Tournament at August National usually go for $200 to $400 average, but now fans who want to be present to watch Tiger Woods hit the balls once again may well have to pay several thousand for the privilege. Tickets for resale on sites like GoldenTickets.com are going for up to $2400. Auctions for Masters tickets on eBay are climbing above $3000. Some of the more reasonable prices still available can be found over at StubHub.com, but prices there are climbing rapidly as well.

So if you’re one of those rabid fans who just have to get to the Masters to see Tiger Woods hit the course again in person, you best be buying some tickets pronto. Every day that passes, the Masters ticket prices just get more insane. Personally, we’d rather just watch the debacle on television, where we can giggle and sneer over the media frenzy in the privacy of our own home.

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