Tiger Woods Press Conference Fails to Impress Alleged Mistress

Tiger Woods spoke to the press on Monday at the Augusta National Golf Club, apologizing again for causing “so much harm” to his loved ones and fans over his “transgressions” with various alleged mistresses. Woods will return to golf at the US Masters on Thursday after nearly five months of being absent from the game.

Tiger Woods (Photo by: Keith Allison - Source: Wikimedia Commons)
Tiger Woods (Photo by: Keith Allison - Source: Wikimedia Commons)

“I lied to a lot of people, deceived a lot of people, kept others in the dark,” Tiger Woods said in the pre-Masters press conference. “‘I fooled myself as well. The full magnitude of it, it’s pretty brutal. I take full responsibility for what I’ve done, and I don’t take that lightly.”

Woods said he was blown away by the encouragement he received from fans when he hit the course at Augusta National to practice for the Masters. “I tell you what; the galleries couldn’t have been nicer… Today was just something that really touched my heart pretty good.” (Read the full Tiger Woods press conference transcript here.)

Joslyn James, one of Tiger Woods’ alleged mistresses, called the golfer’s press conference a “big malarkey” and said all of the women who had relationships with him “deserve an apology.” Celebrity attorney Gloria Allred, who is representing James, echoed her client’s statement. “Women are not transgressions, they’re human beings.”

Really, we don’t think anyone who gets down and dirty with an obviously married man has a right to any kind of apology. All those “women” out there who are enjoying their 15 minutes of fame for sleeping with Tiger Woods needing be handing out apologies instead – to Woods’ wife and children.

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4 thoughts on “Tiger Woods Press Conference Fails to Impress Alleged Mistress”

  1. What a disgrace!!! Tiger only owns an apology to his loyal, decent wife and two innocent children! All these women, that became involved with Tiger Woods, like Jostlyn, knew that he was a married man and that he was never, ever going to leave his decent wife for any of them. He used these w.h.o.r.e.s. just for dirty sex and paid then for services rendered. They choose to continue their involvement, so why are they complaining now and about what? They are just paying for their stupidity and bad choice. I will tell them to take a hike and get lost! They need to move on and accept that it is all over!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. I totally agree! I’m sick of these women trying to get something from him! He was a jerk – no lie there – but these women are far worse! WTF do they think they are? If they were so much better, what were they doing with a married man? Please… like they didn’t know

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