Tiger Woods Scandal Inspires Spirit Airlines Parody Ad – Funny or Tasteless?

A new ad from Spirit Airlines seemingly mocking the whole Tiger Woods scandal is raising some eyebrows on the Net. The 10 second advertisement proclaims the airline’s “Eye of the Tiger” sale  and shows a tiger crashing an SUV into a fire hydrant.

Tiger Woods SF

We have to applaud Spirit Airlines for their quick uptake on profiting from the Tiger Woods scandal over his car crash and alleged affairs. Although we do question the intelligence of promoting an airline with images of a vehicle crashing.

Check out the ad for yourself below. We personally think it’s a tad tasteless and fails to actually capture the true ‘spirit’ of funny that would have made such a parody ad actually worth the film it was shot on.

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10 thoughts on “Tiger Woods Scandal Inspires Spirit Airlines Parody Ad – Funny or Tasteless?”

  1. This puts Tiger right up there with Bill Cosby and “The Reverend” Jesse Jackson. This type of behavior is expected in the other major sports, but not golf. Personally, I think he could have done better than this pig.

  2. Unfortunately Tiger’s stupidity got him into this mess. His wife, Elin, deserves better. Tiger knew what the press can do and they have moved forward doing what they do best, reporting the news. Tiger is not free from the press. Shame on Tiger for his conduct.

  3. Yeah, might be. I know some of the funniest beer commercials are by marketing firms for speculative purposes and never end up getting bought. Just seems kinda flimsy for them, but hey who knows.

  4. do a little research before making stupid comments when you obviously don’t know what you’re talking about! …Spirit airlines offers $9.00 one-way fares all the time; and the ad was actually on their website directly (but has since been removed due to the controversy)so it wasn’t a 3rd party. and I’m not even going to respond to the comment from Par Shooter, because it is so ridiculous and ignorant that it’s not worth my time.

  5. and one more thing…Lin – sorry but this isn’t “news” its pop culture. News would be about the war and the hundreds of military sacrificing because of it, or information about global warming, or aids activism, or a child molester getting put away. Tiger woulds is just a public figure who is forced to air his dirty laundry because we Americans seem to be fascinated that celebrities are actually real people who make real choices and have to suffer real conscequences.

  6. @Dee: The next time Tiger ‘woulds’ is engaged in war while trapped on a melting glacier and slowly dying of aids I’ll be sure to research more before commenting about a 10-second poorly animated clip from YouTube. Thank you for showing us the error of our ways.

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