Tiger Woods Update: The Women Keep Coming

Yet another day, yet another woman – or two – are rumored to have had an affair with golf legend Tiger Woods. The latest ladies linked to Tiger Woods include porn star Holly Sampson and an unidentified Orlando woman who allegedly had a two-year affair with the golfer.

Tiger Woods SF

Let’s break down the ridiculousness so far, alleged mistress by alleged mistress.

Rachel Utichel – The first woman linked romantically to Tiger Woods. Utichel, a New York club hostess/manager, has denied any such affair with Woods. Utichel at one point scheduled a press conference, but later cancelled – with rumors she was paid off by Woods not to talk.

Jaimee Grubbs – The former cocktail waitress, who also appeared on VH1’s Tool Academy, claims in Us Weekly she had an affair with Woods starting in April, 2007. This affair has the most proof so far. Grubbs actually has a recording, allegedly of Woods, calling Grubbs after fearing his wife, Elin Nordegren Woods, had found out about their trysts.

Kalika Moquin – Las Vegas nightclub manager Kalika Moquin allegedly hooked up with Woods according to a report by Life & Style magazine. Moquin, however, has refused to comment about the rumor.

Jamie Jungers – The Vegas cocktail waitress claims she had an 18-month affair with Tiger Woods after meeting him in Sin City.

Cori Rist – A catalog model from New York, Mist allegedly e-mailed friends over the weekend saying her “involvement with Tiger Woods has surfaced.” Rist has so far not commented to the press.

Mindy Lawton – Lawton, who lives in Orlando, told News of the World she began an affair with Woods in May, 2006 and had a sexual relationship with him for a year.

Holly Sampson – London’s Daily Mail is now reporting porn star Holly Sampson also had an affair with Woods. Sampson’s film work includes such jewels as Descent into Bondage and Diary of a Horny Housewife.

Unknown British Broadcaster – Rumors continue to swirl that an unidentified British broadcaster hooked up with Woods, but no details have emerged so far.

Unknown Orlando Woman – Another woman from Orlando is reportedly being represented by Florida attorney Michael O’Quinn and claims to have had a two-year relationship with Woods.

Unknown ‘Cougar’ – According to reports in some British tabloids, Woods also allegedly had an affair with a woman known so far only as a “sex-addicted cougar.”

Whew, what a list. Honestly, we wouldn’t be surprised to find out Tiger Woods allegedly had an affair with a herd of Zhu Zhu Pets at this point. If it weren’t so tragic, it would be hysterical watching all these women climbing on the Tiger train. I mean, come on, he’s a golf geek, not Brad Pitt. Where’s the taste level in fame-whoring nowadays?

Gallery of Tiger Woods’ Alleged Women

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20 thoughts on “Tiger Woods Update: The Women Keep Coming”

  1. It appears who ever wants to reveal something so personal is willing to sacrafice their own reputation, whether they had an affair or not with Tiger, what is their real goal here? perhaps make some money from this, and try and ruin the man!! let’s just simply let Tiger and family work things out.

  2. I would like everyone to know that I’m the one that DID NOT have an affair with Tiger.

    My boss has offered to have an affair with Elin because she is beautiful and Tiger’s an idiot. I’ll bet there are few other guys out there that feel that way too.

    Think about it Tiger, how does that feel you moron!

  3. Hey, I have a GREAT IDEA for NIKE…why don’t
    they market a CONDOM and get Tiger Woods to endorse it…they could name the CONDOMS,
    “THE WOODY”…..LOL! This man has NOTHING now,
    no marriage, no respect, no integrity, dishonest, no class, his children will read about this when they grow up…all Tiger has is a bunch of $$$ in front of his bank balance.
    All of this will follow him to his grave!
    He is such a WIMP. Put your man pants on Tiger
    and be a MAN, and stand up and take it this like
    a man. I have ZERO respect for this person!

  4. i cant say much about tigers integrity. i cant imagine being in his shoes. honesty, most the guys i know couldnt have resisted the temptation he has encountered. most men will never expereince the life he has. sorry jealous housewifes. i doubt your husands would do any different. but whatever makes you feel good. hes still an amazing golfer. not the buddah.

  5. He obviously has an obsession with the same profile woman. Interesting that they are all white. Guess he doesn’t like any race but caucasian. Got his butt in trouble though and deservantly so. Too bad Tiger!

  6. @Dave, @John: Are you seriously trying to make the case that Tiger Woods is racist based on his affairs? The man is more multi-racial in heritage than anyone else I can think of. So what if he trends toward a sexual preference? Do you have a checklist that you rotate through in your bedroom to keep the race card at bay?

    If people objected to a black man dating a white woman it’s an issue of racism being perpetrated against him. Now suddenly if he dates multiple white women it’s again an issue of racism but this time being perpetrated by him. That’s bullshit.

    I’d be worried to hear what you’d say about Obama if he had married a white woman.

    Get your head out of your ass.

  7. He shouldn’t be doing this kind of thing since he’s married, of course. But it’s easy to allude to the proposal that a “better person” would so easily resist temptation if they had his fame and had the volume of propositions that come with being a singular sports star is bound to. I’m not saying it’s right, but I’m saying it’s human.

  8. The women keep coming, haha. Pun indeeded, I’m sure, lol.

    Geesh, Tiger. Why didn’t you just stay single and this wouldn’t be as bad sounding.

  9. Ok everybody, this person PERSONAL issue between a man and his WOMEN should be more of an education in why some people should never NEVER get married! Marriage requires fidelity, golfing apparently requires that you be a free agent in every way….moral of this story? YOU (tiger and tigerlike men) Cant have it both ways! Stay single, have fun. Be married Have fun….but for goodness sake dont try to be single while married

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