Tila Tequila Pregnant with Rapper The Game’s Baby?

Former reality TV star Tila Tequila has claimed she is pregnant so many times at this point, we’re just not going to actually believe it until a baby actually pops out of her and swears it isn’t a joke. Even then, we might require DNA proof for verification.

Tila Tequila (Publicity photo)
Tila Tequila (Publicity photo)

Tila Tequila swears this time is for real and has even produced an alleged sonogram backing up her claim. Unlike last time, however, Tequila is not playing surrogate for her brother and his wife – this baby is supposedly all for her. As for the baby’s father, she hinted with comments on her Twitter feed that the daddy is rapper Jayceon Terrell Taylor, otherwise known as “The Game“.

Tequila has been spamming her Twitter feed with references to The Game in every other comment recently. She has not, however, actually come out and directly said he is the father of her alleged baby, but she has called him “babydaddy” repeatedly and stated the rapper was supposed to take her shopping for “the baby clothes.”

The Game posted a brief Tweet last night saying “To My Unborn child (2pack’s voice),” but we have no clue what the hell that means. This is the same guy who Tweeted in the previous comment “#imthetypeto fart in the bath tub & bite the bubble.”

If there is an actual, not-pretend baby on the way for Tila Tequila, we just can’t help but feel rather bad for that poor, poor child.

* Update:  The Game has reportedly told TMZ.com he isn’t the father of any Tila Tequila baby and pretty much wouldn’t touch her with a 50 foot pole or something along those lines. In response, Tequila started slamming The Game all over her Twitter feed and saying crap like ‘I can still have an abortion!’  This chick either has some serious mental issues or there is an alien creature eating through her brain… We vote for the second one.

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5 thoughts on “Tila Tequila Pregnant with Rapper The Game’s Baby?”


  2. This is embarrassing. Especially Tila embarrassing herself and the Asian race. I may not know her, but she is incredibly annoying. She uses her false body to gain attention and she tries way too hard. She lies constantly and find ways for everyone to give her the media attention she wants. I do not say this a lot and I am never interested about celebrities’ lives, but this indeed is stupid news, and Tila needs to shut up and get off the tv because she’s incredibly trashy and a media/attention whore.

    Really? I mean come on.. slamming about The Game is immature and she needs to stop ruining his reputation because I honestly think he’s a great artist and he’s quite talented. And who is she fooling not knowing that The Game has a baby mama (as she stated in another article)??! He was carrying his child in his videos and even talked about his child all the time! She was either inattentive or VERY dumb.

    If she wants an abortion go get one! No one cares. I can’t believe she blabs out saying something like that and threaten the “father” as if anyone really wants to know. Plus good luck to her breast implants during her pregnancy. I can’t wait to see how that goes.

    I do not see her potential being a mother or a decent celebrity with some self-respect.

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