Tim Tebow Jets Trade Deal Hits Road Block

Just hours after it was announced, the Tim Tebow Jets deal has hit a road block. The New York Jets announced on Wednesday they would be taking on the now redundant Denver Broncos quarterback as a backup QB for Mark Sanchez. Now, however, it turns out there may be a snag with Tim Tebow’s Broncos contract that could sour the deal.

According to ESPN, provisions in his contract with the Denver Broncos has thrown a speed bump in the way of the Tim Tebow to Jets trade negotiations. Apparently, as part of Tebow’s Broncos contract, he was paid out a $6.277 million advance in August. In order to finalize the Tim Tebow to Jets trade, the team could find themselves having to actually pay back a large chunk of that advance money to the Broncos.

Tim Tebow, who lost his place as the Denver Broncos quarterback when the team signed Peyton Manning on Tuesday, will now have to wait and see if the New York Jets are willing to shell out the extra bucks to bring him on board as backup quarterback to Mark Sanchez. Rumor has it Tebow’s hometown team, the Jacksonville Jaguars, are still interested in picking him up if the NY Jets don’t pan out.

If the trade does go through, the NY Jets will give up fourth- and sixth-round draft picks to the Broncos in 2012, while the Jets will land a seventh-round pick.

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