Tim Tebow on The Bachelor? Host Chris Harrison Says Probably Not

Can you see Denver Broncos quarterback Tim Tebow on “The Bachelor” as the wealthy, single Christian playboy looking for his perfect, vapid hottie virgin with a heart of gold? Well, that’s the rumor that has been going around, but we can tell you that a Tim Tebow “The Bachelor” season probably is not going to happen.

“I’ve actually met Tim Tebow. I met him about becoming our next ‘Bachelor’,” host Chris Harrison told “Acess Hollywood” in an interview. “I think he’d be a great ‘Bachelor’.”

Harrison said he did ask about having Tim Tebow on “The Bachelor,” and that the Denver Broncos quarterback did say he would be interested in doing it. However, Harrison said he doesn’t think it will work out. Too bad, because we would just love to see the NFL star Tebowing a rose to some sexpot blond, good ‘Christian’ girl.

“Well, they always say yes, but it never happens. He’s a really good guy,” Harrison said. “He did say yes … but he would never do it. He has a little job called quarterback at least for another year.”

Tim Tebow was previously rumored to have been under consideration for the next season of “Dancing With the Stars,” but his rep said in a press statement that “Tim does not have any interest in participating in the show.”

Well, somehow we don’t find that too shocking. After all, isn’t dancing a sin or something?

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