Tim Urban Survives American Idol Rolling Stones Week Much to Our Dismay

While we were not too sad to see who got eliminated this week on American Idol, we were dismayed to find out it was not Tim Urban who got the boot. We keep waiting and waiting, but he keeps going and going like a damned energizer bunny on speed.

Tim Urban on 'American Idol' (FOX)
Tim Urban on 'American Idol' (FOX)

Lacey Brown certainly couldn’t keep up with other ladies in the competition when put up against powerhouses like Crystal Bowersox and Siobhan Magnus, but we just have to wonder what America is thinking to allow Tim Urban to continue torturing us on the American Idol stage.

Yes, Tim Urban did make it to the bottom three during American Idol‘s Rolling Stones week, which he well deserved. But why did he get saved when it seems painfully obvious he’s overwhelmed in this competition and isn’t improving at all? Lacey Brown has had at least a few semi-decent performances, and so has Paige Miles, the other lady in the bottom three.

Urban, however, has failed to entertain us even once, much less impress us in the least. There was a good reason he was initially denied a place in the Top 24 and he should never have been brought back in to replace disqualified contestant Chris Golightly – a far superior candidate.

Then again, we have a sneaking suspicion why Tim Urban continues to get a pass every week on American Idol. We have witnessed the power of the jokers over at VotefortheWorst.com time and time again over the seasons of American Idol and right now the followers of the site are voting in block to keep Tim Urban in the competition. They are Tweeting and Facebooking and phoning a friend in a frenzy to keep Urban on stage. While American Idol producers generally laugh off the power of the site and its fans, we don’t. (Although we do think it’s cute they mentioned our review of his performance in a post this week.)


We feel kind of bad for Tim Urban that he’s been slapped with the “Vote for the Worst” label, but in his case we kind of have to agree he is the stinker of the competition this year. He seems nice enough and relatively cute, but his voice is amateur at best and he constantly looks like he’s in abject terror every time he performs. So do us a favor next week and save us from the VotefortheWorst.com crowd – please vote for anyone but Urban and our ears will thank you heartily!

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8 thoughts on “Tim Urban Survives American Idol Rolling Stones Week Much to Our Dismay”

  1. Tim Urban is the best male singer. He wasnt’ always the best male singer. No, that distinction went to Alex Lambert during the semi-finals. But now that Alex Lambert is gone, the only good male singer left is Tim Urban. Mike Lynch has been ingesting steroids through a garden hose for so long, he now sounds like Demi Lovato. Plus, for a guy who is supposed to be a personal trainer, he has about a mile of flab sitting on top of his alleged muscles. Casey James is goodlooking, but he has nothing on Tim Urban who is chippendale-ish in his hotness. Lee Dewyze has a nice grating voice, but again he is nowhere near the hotness that Tim Urban emanates, besides I try to imagine Lee doing a reggae version of “Beast of Burden” and he fares worse than Tim Urban. Andrew Garcia’s is a case of diminishing results. His voice sucks and he put the UGH! in ugly. He needs to go, we can’t have ugly people singing badly. Aaron Kelly, the resident jailbait contestant, reminds me of a canary in a cage. He is singing for his survival and it borders on a horror show… this ain’t no SAW IX. Who else is left? The girls? Crystal Bowersox wants that coffehouse edge, but you can be edgy and still not look like you crawled out of a dumpster. Siobahn Magnus’ monkey howls do not impress me. Didi Benami is THIS close from being locked up in an insane asylum: her mother can’t bear to watch her perform, and frankly neither can I. And the rest of the chanteuses can simply to jump off the Brooklyn Bridge, for all that they matter, especially now that Lilly Scott, the best contestant the AI ever had, was given the boot.

  2. Honestly, Tim is one of the better guy singers left if not the best. I don’t think I can listen to Andrew any longer, he’s the worst. I don’t want to watch Michael any longer, he looks so self-satisfied. Lee is perpetually flat. Aaron is all over the place. And if anyone has been skating by based on his looks, it has been Casey, because the judges have put his looks front and center, and his performances have been instrument-heavy. Tim has a pure tone, and he has greatly improved his control. He accepts criticism and works hard. So stop picking on Abercrombie&Tim and give the guy a break. If only Joe Munoz or Alex Lambert were still around .. and Andrew and Michael were booted.

  3. U guys who say tim is the best male singer must be listening to something i am not. because andrew and aaron and practically all the males are not all that, but tim…he is way out of his league, has not improved one iota, and is only still alive cuz of 14 y.o.s who love his hair. its silly. hope he’s gone, really

  4. Wadah hell? The best male singer? Personality guy is way better??? What’s wrong with your ears people? He’s the worst??? No offence To tim, honestly. WHy the hell are you on this show? DOn’t think its because you have the best voice in the world. Its coz some desperate twelve year olds have a senior crush on you… All the best singers are being kicked off. I wanted Tim and Lacey off the show ages ago – but I like Lacey’s voice??? SHes…diffferent. But she should’ve gone home ages ago…. Especially when the good singers are taking her place. Whats wrong with you people???

  5. Tim Urban doesnt deserve to be on American Idol. For one,he has a terrible voice. For 2 he is always smiling,and hes ugly too. I think that Lacey should of stayed, she was a bubbly girl and she sings way better than Tim. So Tim! you cannot sing! and you are very ugly and annoying. I hope you get kicked off American Idol. People are just voting for you to make you think you can sing,when you really suck at it. FYI: go home! bring Didi back!!

  6. Crystal is the best and deserves to win! Everyone is good except for king kong! Lol! He picks slow boring songs he really needs to step up and move around to be a “trainner” he is lazy and stuck on himself! Hes trip home is way over due!

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