Tobey Maguire Has No More Cards Left to Show in Poker Lawsuit.

Turns out Spiderman’s only weakness isn’t love interest Mary Jane. This time it’s poker. Well, that appears to be the alleged achilles heel for Tobey Maguire anyway. Maguire agreed to pay $80,000 to settle a lawsuit over high-stakes and perhaps illegal poker game.

The man bringing the suit claimed he lost $311,300 to the actor during various poker games. The suit makes the case that the winnings came from illegal games and therefore it was money Maguire was obligated to return.

Maguire initially contested the games weren’t illegal, but seems to be admitted guilt with his willingness to pay the guy off. That, or he just wants to issue to go away. For Maguire, $80K may seem like a small price to pay to get a sore loser off his back.