Tobey Maguire Poker Lawsuit Folds After Actor Pays Out $80,000

Spiderman actor Tobey Maguire has bought himself out of a nasty lawsuit stemming from his participation in an underground high-stakes poker ring. Macquire has agreed to fork over $80,000 in a settlement to keep him out of court.

The whole debacle began when Tobey Maguire got involved in a poker ring with hedge fund manager Bradley Ruderman and beat the snot out of him repeatedly at cards. Well, that’s all well and good, but then Bradley Ruderman was put in the slammer after being caught running a huge ponzi scheme.

Left bankrupt, Ruderman’s company started going after anyone and everyone to make some money to pay off his ponzi scheme victims and other creditors. That’s when it was discovered that Tobey Maguire was one of a number of high-stakes players who had collected on poker bets from Ruderman in unlicensced and illegal card games.

Tobey Maguire allegedly won more than $300,000 as a result of these games and Ruderman’s company went after him to seize the winnings. Macquire was reporteldy one of 22 people sued for cleaning out Ruderman at illegal poker games from 2007 to 2008.

Rather than deal with all the BS of a court mess, Tobey Maguire has reportedly agreed to pay out $80,000 to settle his part in the suit. That’s a pretty sweet discount, but we hope Macquire has learned his lesson to keep his gambling on the legal side from now on.

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