Tom Cruise And Scientology Sued For Millions

Alien Dictator Tom Cruise is named in a $250 million federal lawsuit that’s using the RICO statute against the Church of Scientology. Ex-Scientologist Peter Letterese, a longtime critic of the church, filed suit in Southern District Court in Florida on July 15 alleging, among other things, that members of the church harassed him after he left.

Scientologists have virtually taken over the town of Clearwater, Florida, much to the chagrin of longtime residents. There are MANY documented instances of harassment against escapees… ranging from public disclosure of personal information, death threats, and, some claim, ordering and carrying out hits on former Sci-bots. Peter better hire some serious beef to keep his ass safe. Xenu’s minions don’t play.

In court papers provided to The New York Daily News by well-known celeb investigator Paul Barresi, Letterese claims a member of the church phoned his lawyer at home, and when the lawyer’s wife answered, said he was her husband’s homosexual lover.

Barresi, who has done investigative work on behalf of Cruise, tells us: “[Letterese] is just including a celebrity name to get attention.”

Letterese calls the church a “crime syndicate” and wants it broken up under the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organization law, just as the feds have broken up Mafia families. RICO has been broadened from it’s original mission as a tool to nab mobsters.

Tom Cruise, who’s made no secret of his religion, is named in the lawsuit which says that Scientology head David Miscavage is “aided and abetted by the actions of Tom Cruise, his right-hand man for foreign and domestic promotion, as well as for foreign and domestic lobbying. He has assisted the syndicate in acquiring funds and [made] his own donations of money believed to be in the multiple tens of millions of dollars.”

One of Letterese’s issues is that the church uses a business book, “Effective Sales Closing Techniques,” as part of its teachings. He says this violates his intellectual property rights, since he bought the rights to the book from the widow of author Leslie Dane. Cruise’s lawyer, Bert Fields has not commented on the suit.

Karin Pouw, spokesbot for the Church of Scientology, naturally says: “This is a frivolous suit based on falsehoods.” Well, the issue about Tom being a tool for the cult is well-documented… Gawker has the famed video Cruise made that’s used as fodder to keep the deluded on the brainwashing “auditing” track that makes the cult zillions of dollars.

This ain’t gonna help Tommy-Girl. The suits behind the movie “Salt” who dropped Cruise from the lead role are probably singing praises to God right now, and the “Valkyrie” team are probably up in the Xanax. Snarkista’s told you before that Tom has become box office poison, and whether or not this suit goes anywhere, the press is not gonna help change the public’s view of Tom. Will Smith better jiggy on out of there fast, although Jada’s a Xenu girl now…and it may be too late for him.

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  1. It blows my mind that our government hasn’t put a stop to these clowns. It’s a massive tax shelter and total sham. I feel worst for the folks brain washed into it.

  2. Truth! The Germans have grown some balls and are producing an info-flick for German youth to tell them the real story about this horrid cult.

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