Tom Cruise Divorce Shocker! Katie Holmes Leaving Rock of Ages Star

Are you ready for a Tom Cruise divorce shocker? Actress Katie Holmes, 33, has filed for divorce from 49-year-old husband Tom Cruise. Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise have one child together, 6-year-old daughter Suri. The news of the Katie Holmes divorce filing allegedly came as a slap in the face to Rock of Ages star Tom Cruise, who reportedly was shocked by the sudden move.

Although nothing official has been released about the reason for the sudden Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes divorce filing, Holmes’ attorney said in a press statement that “Katie’s primary concern remains, as it always has been, her daughter’s best interest.”

The Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes divorce papers were filed in New York City on Thursday. The divorce filing cited irreconcilable differences and seeks sole custody of little Suri! That is quite a statement for Katie Holmes to file seeking sole custody of the daughter she has raised with Tom Cruise for six years. One can’t help but wonder what was so bad about their relationship that she does not even want to share custody of their daughter on divorcing Tom Cruise.

Holmes’ spokesperson released only a brief press statement acknowledging the Tom Cruise divorce filing, saying: “Kate has filed for divorce and Tom is deeply saddened and is concentrating on his three children. Please allow them their privacy to work this out.”

An attorney for Mission Impossible star Tom Cruise, who is not handling the Katie Holmes divorce, did confirm the filing but refused to comment further, other than saying: “Tom wants to be very private.”

The Tom Cruise divorce follows many tabloid rumors over the years that the Mission Impossible actor and Scientology disciple was extremely controlling over every aspect of his wife and daughter’s lives, although Katie Holmes has always denied any rumors of physical or emotional abuse by her husband.

This is the third Tom Cruise divorce, as the actor was previously married to actress Mimi Rogers and actress Nichole Kidman, with whom he shares custody of two adopted children.

What do you think about the Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise divorce? Did you see this one coming even back when Tom Cruise was jumping up and down on Oprah’s couch about his ‘great love’ for Katie back when they were getting married? Why do you think they are getting divorced? Let us know in the comments area below!

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5 thoughts on “Tom Cruise Divorce Shocker! Katie Holmes Leaving Rock of Ages Star”

  1. I think It’s because of all the controlling Scientology stuff Tom does, so sad for Suri she will be in the middle

  2. I’m not a bit surprised! She “should have done it years ago”. Probably only stayed “this long” because she was “hoping things would improve”. Seems like, most of these “actors” that are into this “Scientology” are  “whack Jobs”…Everything you “read about them(ex. John Travolta(gay tendencies)Elvis daughter is “screwed up”with all the times she has been married, the list goes on…They “hope” scientology can “help them”, WRONG! Poor Katie Holmes, love “blinded her”, and you could just “see” the change in her once she married him. The “light” was gone from those sparkling eyes”. Maybe “now”, it will come back. Tom was “shocked??!”, or “course he “was”, because he is so “caught up in “himself”, that he just “doesn’t get it”…He probably “never really “heard” what her needs were all these years….Suri , I’m sure, will be “better off”, and she will spend time with him. The less “control” he has over her, is for the better, that “she has a chance to grow up, and pick her “own beliefs”.
    Hopefully, this doesn’t “drag out”, because that will surely be “self fish” on his part. Theres no reason, they all can’t get along for that precious little girl.

  3. I’m “sorry”, but you “seem” to be “confused” about the “proper usage” of “scare quotes.” You also seem to be implying that homosexuality makes someone a “whack job,” as you put it. I agree that Scientology is silly, but come on.

  4. Well , that is life.. ONLY the two of them know the REAL reason.. Tom must have been jumping in joy at OPRAH but he is an actor , HE just CANNOT say that his relationship with his wife is in chaos… I think let us NOT judge them..

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