Tornado in Wichita Kansas Causes ‘Significant Damage’ (VIDEO)


A large, violent tornado posed a direct threat to the city of Wichita, Kansas late on Saturday evening but ended up bypassing the majority of the city to the east. The Wichita tornado reportedly caused “significant damage” to the south and southeast of the city, according to reports on The Weather Channel and a variety of other news and weather services posting to Twitter. More recent reports have stated the damage around the Wichita area could be over $200 million.

There were reports of damage at the Mcconnell Airforce Base and at the Wichita airport. There were also reports of serious damage at various other locations near the city. There have also been reports of gas leaks and possibly fires south of Wichita directly after the tornado strike. The threat of tornados and severe storms will continue throughout the midwest tonight.

If you hear sirens or get notice of a tornado warning, please take shelter immediately. Please stay away from all doors and windows. Please go underground into a basement if possible. If not possible, please go into an interior room like a closet or bathroom. Pull blankets or a mattress over you and cover your head. Once a storm has passed, do NOT touch or get near any exposed wiring or downed power lines.

Be safe! Keep track of what is going on via computer (if possible) or on your phone by using hashtag #tornado on Twitter.

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