Trouble For Christina Aguilera And Her Caveman?

Is there trouble in Christina Aguilera’s marriage? Girlfriend has been par-taying a lot lately, and she’s increasingly doing it solo. Yes, she did marry caveman Jordan Bratman. Is that the reason behind Christina Aguilera’s heavy partying?

It looks like there is trouble in paradise between she and husband Jordan. Rumor has it Christina has been doing some heavy flirting with another dude who was a FORMER associate of Jordan’s. He’s a former associate because Jordan fired his ass and told him to stay the eff away from Christina.

Unfortunately, Jordan did the telling off and firing by email. The flirtee is no dummy, he’s saved the email and is saying he’s gonna sell it to the tabs! Supposedly there have been steamy text messages and some heavy, suggestive “touching” between the dude and Christina. Xtina didn’t do the dirty, but came really close. Jordan is sick of her partying and it is causing a giant strain on their marriage.

Obviously, Christina is not blind, and woke up one too many times with the Geico man. She does love her boobs, however, and plans to nurse baby Max until he’s TWO. She’s not about to let those yabbos go away anytime soon!

2 thoughts on “Trouble For Christina Aguilera And Her Caveman?”

  1. Hah! Geico’s next commercial “Saving money on your car insurance is as easy as being married to Christina Aguilera”.

    The whole “how did that couple happen” reminds me of Norm MacDonald’s SNL joke: “The couple named the baby after the father, Lucky SOB.”

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