‘Twilight: Breaking Dawn’ May Spawn Two Films

According to the latest buzz, the final book in the Twilight series, Breaking Dawn, may be broken up into two films. The rumor the last book would be split into two movies has been going around for a while, but it looks like Summit Entertainment may seriously be considering the idea.

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A report by industry mag Variety says Summit Entertainment is contemplating splitting the final Twilight book into dual films and is ready to put the plan into action. However, director Chris Weitz,  screenwriter Melissa Rosenberg and author Stephenie Meyer have only been contracted for four films in total.

While Rosenberg and Meyer probably won’t mind receiving another hefty payday, Weitz isn’t all aboard the idea of yet another Twilight film. Weitz told Entertainment Weekly last week he might be interested in doing another Twilight film, but said “I just think I would die” if faced with another New Moon-like PR blitz tour.

To add on another film out of Breaking Dawn, Summit would also have to work out new contracts with the Twilight stars, including Robert Pattinson, Taylor Lautner and Kristen Stewart. Considering the huge haul New Moon has made in ticket sales so far, that could be quite a pricey negotiation.

Breaking Dawn is such a hefty, complex book, it might not be a bad idea to spit it into two films. The question is whether the Twilight frenzy among fans can be maintained long enough to play out through five movies.

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6 thoughts on “‘Twilight: Breaking Dawn’ May Spawn Two Films”

  1. WTF!
    This is stupid! Breaking Dawn is not a complax book! They only want to do this because splitting Deathly Hallows into 2 was taken so well by the Harry Potter fans! Deathly Hallows needed the split because when the first movies were made the seventh book wasn’t even out yet so important details are missing in the films! The Twilight Saga does not have that problem and I enjoyed the first two movies and will defiently go see the other 2, but i will never go see Breaking Dawn if it is split into two.

  2. Are they trying to be like Harry Potter, because i can tell you right now that Harry Potter is so much better. Sure i love twilight, and breaking dawn is my favorite, but HP was better written and has better cast members. I just hope that they actually make the movie, because there have been rumors flying around that it would be too difficult to have a Renesmee.

  3. I love Twilight! I can’t wait for Twilight Eclipse! I’m so infatuated with taylor, lol.
    I still believe that the first movie was better, but New Moon certainly wins in eye candy lol

  4. the only reason for either for the movies to be split into two movies is because they( the studios) see dollar signs. they know that people will pay good money to see the movies and they will strech it out for as long as they can. capitalism at its best.

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