Not only did model & TV personality Tyra Banks win a second Emmy this weekend, but she might just be engaged as well – to millionaire financier John Utendahl.


Talk show host and supermodel Tyra Banks landed her second Emmy Award this weekend for her daytime talk show. Tyra Banks is also the hostess of the popular reality TV show America’s Next Top Model.

“The Emmy means so, so much,” Tyra said after snagging gold again at the Daytime Emmy Awards. “Last year was important, it was so exciting but I was a little fearful we wouldn’t win this year.”

The 35-year-old supermodel’s huge smile at the Emmy Awards might not have all been about winning, however. It seems Tyra Banks may have something even more spectacular to grin about.

Tyra Banks was spotted out and about with banker boyfriend John Utendahl over the weekend. The couple has been dating for two years. Looking fabulous as usual, Tyra was also sporting a blingy new accessory – a big ring on her left hand. She was also wearing the ring at the Emmys. While it doesn’t look quite like a classic engagement ring, Tyra Banks and John Utendahl are notorious for keeping their relationship on the down low from the media.

A millionaire and a supermodel getting hitched – how… predictable.

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