University Says David Letterman Better Keep Hands Off Their Interns!

At least one university is warning David Letterman he better keep his wandering hands off their interns. Quinnipiac University in Connecticut, which has provided interns to Letterman in the past, has issued a statement saying they will be keeping a careful watch on the Late Show host.


“Due to recent circumstances we will have a discussion with those in charge of placing our interns at the David Letterman show in the future,” a representative for Quinnipiac University said in a press statement. “We will diligently oversee this internship program to ensure that our interns are out of harm’s way.”

Considering Letterman’s admitted affairs with various young female staffers in his employment, we can understand the caution. However, wouldn’t it be a lot safer just to boycott sending any more impressionable young minds/bodies into the hands of a douchebag who drags along his mistresses on family vacations with his wife and son?

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One thought on “University Says David Letterman Better Keep Hands Off Their Interns!”

  1. I think the university is going overboard. Interns are students, generally over the age of 18, who can report anything untoward if it happens. David Letterman has affairs. Big deal. Everywhere you send an intern, that’s gonna be true.

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