UPDATE: Amy Winehouse’s Dad: “Amy’s F***ed Up”

UPDATE: on Amy Winehouse. Cracked up singer was rushed to hospital in London last night (London time) as her upset father said: “She’s f***** up, she’s f***** up.” An ambulance and fast response car raced to her house after frantic dad Mitch called 999, the UK’s 911, when she started having fits.

Paramedics gave her oxygen and bundled her out of the pad in Camden, North London, into the ambulance. Amy had caused a crazy scene at her parent’s house. Her behavior had deteriorated since Sunday night when she was seen throwing herself to the ground sobbing, and lashing out at her bodyguards who were trying to help her up. When the ambulance arraived, helpless dad Mitch was heard shouting: “She’s f***** up, she’s f***** up.”

As Snarkista told you a few hours ago, Amy’s spokesperson said it appeared Amy had suffered a reaction to medication. Now she’s saying the meds were to help her off hard drugs. The Sun reports that an onlooker said worried Mitch told fans: “She’s just mixed up her medication.”

Fan Danny Saunders, 17, of South London, watched the drama unfold around 8.50pm London time, as he waited to see if she would go for a walk. He saw two paramedics and a doctor rush in and the singer emerged half an hour later. Danny said: “Amy was surrounded by police and wheeled to an ambulance. “One of my friends said to Amy’s father, ‘Will she be all right?’ He said, ‘Yes, she’ll be fine’ but he looked upset.”

Yesterday, papa Mitch insisted Amy was “fine” after another wild night when she punched a wall, lashed out at security guards and cut her fist. She reportedly has yet another cause for concern — a lump on her breast. But tests have shown it is benign.

Amy can’t seem to tolerate what is likely methadone or a similar drug used to wean addicts off of opiates. If she’s still using while using methadone as well, she could easily OD. Amy’s publicist is saying she may be released tomorrow. Here’s hoping that’s not true, and they keep her awhile to get her system clean. Then it should be off to a LOCKED UP rehab. Where she can’t run out into traffic.

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