Upside Of Madonna’s Divorce: Christmas For The Kids!

Madonna’s soon-to-be ex-husband Guy Ritchie is overjoyed to be rid of the Material One for SO many reasons. Just look how happy he was on his recent birthday without her! One upside of the split that will probably be nice for the kids…Christmas could finally be coming! Madonna’s Krazy Kabbalah BANS Christmas, so the kids have missed out on a lot of potential joy. Guy wasn’t ever too keen on the cult, and now that he’s out of Madge’s clutches, he plans on giving the kids a traditional English Christmas.

NOT to be disobeyed, Madonna The Grinch is reportedly gonna fight Guy on this one. What a crusty old bird! Scrooge needs to pay her a visit this year. The UK Mirror says:

“Christmas doesn’t exist in the Madonna household because of Kabbalah. Guy will be really looking forward to introducing the kids to Christmas for the first time. He won’t go overboard as that would just confuse them. But he’ll just want to treat them to a low-key day with proper festive fun.”

No surprise, Madonna’s lawyers are “working on a compromise”. Let it go, Madge. Joy is a GOOD thing.

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