Vampire Diaries Stars Arrested for Flashing Motorists

Nina Dobreva - Monroe County Sheriff's Office
Nina Dobreva - Monroe County Sherrif's Office

Four actresses from The CW’s much-hyped series The Vampire Diaries were arrested in Georgia on Aug. 22 for flashing motorists from an overpass.  According to the Monroe County Sheriff’s Office, Nina Dobreva, Candice Accola, Sara Canning and Kayla Ewell were arrested after several 911 calls to police regarding the Vampire Diaries stars’ behavior during a photo shoot on a highway overpass.

Actress Krystal Vayda – not on The Vampire Diaries – and photographer Tyler Shields were also arrested. Several drivers passing on Interstate 75 near the Rumble Road Bridge called in to 911 claiming the actresses were hanging off the bridge dangerously and “flashing” drivers.

The actresses and photographer were arrested and carted off to the Monroe County Police Office on charges of disorderly conduct. After reviewing images from the promotional shoot, police found “numerous photographs of the females hanging, sitting, and straddling the bridge.”

One photo reportedly showed one of the women “being held by her legs by the other females, as if they were trying to throw her over.” Cops charged the unruly crew with $4000 in fines and released them on bail.

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