Vera Baker and Barack Obama Cheating Scandal Claimed by National Enquirer

Rumors of a President Barack Obama cheating scandal hit the media this week after the National Enquirer claimed there is proof of an Obama affair with former staffer Vera Baker. The National Enquirer has never been shy about going after high-profile politicians, but this time the tabloid mag is taking it all the way to the top!

President Barack Obama (Photo: Pete Souza - Wikimedia Commons)
President Barack Obama (Photo: Pete Souza - Wikimedia Commons)

Now, lest we immediately dismiss a Barack Obama cheating scandal rumor just because the National Enquirer printed it, don’t forget they were right about the John Edwards affair all along – when no one else would even discuss it. They also nailed Tiger Woods for cheating long before anyone else would touch that story either.

Vera Baker reportedly worked on Barack Obama’s Senate campaign in Illinois in 2004 as a finance advisor. Baker insists “nothing happened” between her and Barack Obama, but the National Enquirer apparently doesn’t believe her. The tabloid is determined to dig up any dirt they can find on the story.

Vera Baker was previously mentioned by author Christopher Anderson in the book Barack and Michelle: Portrait of an American Marriage. Anderson claimed in the book that Baker and Obama developed a “very close” relationship while she was volunteering on his campaign. Baker later allegedly left the campaign after Michelle Obama became jealous.


An anonymous limo driver allegedly claims he drove Vera Baker to a secret rendezvous at a hotel. The Enquirer says security footage from the hotel could prove Obama and Baker spent the night together. The tabloid is reportedly offering $1 million to anyone who can prove President Obama had an affair.

We believed the Enquirer when they spilled the beans on John Edwards. We thought maybe they were on the money when they accused Tiger Woods of cheating. But we just can’t quite believe the whole Barack Obama cheating scandal thing. We could be wrong, but we swear we smell a rat with this one.

* Update – A photo previously indentified as Vera Baker has been removed. Although the image has repeatedly been used in the mainstream media in reference to the elusive Vera Baker, some sources have retracted the photo, saying it is not Baker but a different political staffer. We certainly do not want to have the wrong photo up, so we have taken it down at this time until a photo of Baker can be officially identified.

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12 thoughts on “Vera Baker and Barack Obama Cheating Scandal Claimed by National Enquirer”

  1. It is obvious that there are two different pictures floating around of the alleged Vera Baker. The pic you have linked to and the pic in the Globe are of two different women!!! Skin color, hair, facial features, one has a mole, etc….. Not all black people look the same-geez!

  2. The picture above is not Vera Baker! That is Irene Schwoeffermann and she is young twenty-something Hill staffer. Someone has made a horrible mistake and this young girl is being made to suffer because of someone’s sloppy research!

  3. The pic the Globe rag is using looks NOTHING like the current Vera Baker Merlini (she’s now happily married w/child). Ms. Merlini works as a Deputy Chief of Staff for the current senator for Illinois-Roland Burris. Anybody with a computer could have found a current pic of her if they’d researched-chicago magazine did a piece of Burris’ staff last year. It’s right there if you search google.

  4. P.S.
    man I wish I was a lawyer-I’d be volunteering to sue everybody who published a pic of these young ladies in error! I would!

  5. The photo in the article was widely being used by mainstream media sources (not just tabloids) in connection with Vera Baker. However, some have now retracted the photo as possibly being of someone else. Such is the world of Internet-speed media!

  6. to L.A. Voss-it’s not POSSIBLY of someone else, it IS a photo of someone else. People are just making junk up.

  7. Just ask Tiger, ok? Based on the accuracy of National Enquirer’s two previous reportings of political marital infidelities, where there is smoke, there is fire. Batten down the hatches and keep the burger joints opn overnight in D.C.- Robert Gibbs will be working overtime on this one !

  8. We’ll see. There’s been plenty of smoke on this one and some facts. All it takes is one story by the National Enquirer publishing what’s been floating around for the last 20 months to bring the leftie commenters out of the woodwork–just like the Edwards story.

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