Victoria Beckham Needs A Bath

Horf! Victoria Beckham stepped out the other night with an undesirable accessory…filthy ears. Nasty! The Posh one IS usually pretty shiny and in dire need of powdering, but this is just nauseating.

Miz Becks also effed up her self-tanner and ended up looking like a creamsicle. Not the best look for the aspiring fashionista. Vicki? When the papz are snapping your EVERY move you’d best check it good before you step out. Q-tip PLEASE, and hurry!

photo source: UK Daily Mail

4 thoughts on “Victoria Beckham Needs A Bath”

  1. um when ur that rich you done die your hair on your own you go to a place n get it done i doubt a place would be sloppy enough to let die get in your ear

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