Video: Michael Savage Tries To Cover His Ass Over Autism

Snarkista told you about radio personality Michael Savage’s ridiculous, idiotic and incendiary comments about kids with autism, and that autistic kids were the result of “lax parenting”. The shizz has hit the fan.

Snarkista is among the MANY who are outraged! Savage has a HUGE audience, and surely many of them share Snarkista’s viewpoint. If you’re so inclined, click here to sign the petition to Fire Michael Savage.

One thought on “Video: Michael Savage Tries To Cover His Ass Over Autism”

  1. n a hate filled broadcast a failed author moonlighting as a shock jock attacks children disabled by autism and insults their parents saying their lack of mental abuse towards children such as insults and name calling, how he was raised, has merely made them brats with parents running a racket and scam against the system. He compares it to how asthma is abused and accuses non-Caucasian races of using that as their racket to scam money and services.
    Dr. Michael Alan Weiner A.K.A. Michael “Savage” is an uninformed loudmouth who abuses the limits of basic respect to garner publicity for himself. He will spew whatever he has to as the attention brings him hits for those foolish enough to advertise and associate with him. Under the First Amendment he has a right to this free speech and as consumers we have a right to not only boycott his foolish books but every single business that advertises with him and any subsidiary of them. Give them not a single penny more. Write to them and let them know you are boycotting them and starting a boycott movement in your social circle against them for their blatant support and standing firmly by the fecal matter falling out of Weiner’s mouth. No revenue means he becomes a liability and loses funding to pursue his personal vendetta against everybody else in the world. This is the only true way to “fire” vermin like Weiner.

    Free speech should be protected even when abused by blowhards like Weiner. But that does not mean as consumers and decent citizens and human beings we cannot organize in mass groups like the NAACP and move to stop giving one cent to any business that supports him. Rosa Parks. Montgomery, Alabama 1955. We can fight back and force our views to be heard and respected.

    Please pass this along to everybody you know through email, blogs, other sites, comments, word of mouth and any other means of communication possible. If you know the businesses supporting Michael Weiner with advertising please include them as things are passed along so a list can grow of who will never see another penny while they support this misguided cretin.

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