Video Premiere: David Cook’s “Light On”

Snarkista ADORES American Idol winner David Cook. He melts her heart when he makes his sexy stalker looks! Here’s the video premiere of David’s first single “Light On”. It was directed by Wayne Isham, the man behind Britney Spears’ “Piece of Me” music video.

“Light On” is co-written by Soundgarden and Audioslave’s frontman Chris Cornell, as well as famed producer/songwriter Brian Howes. The single will be among the new tracks on Cook’s major-label debut album, “David Cook”, which is slated for purchase on November 18 in the U.S.


One thought on “Video Premiere: David Cook’s “Light On””

  1. Did Wayne Isham read the lyrics to this song before he shot the video. The lighting, shots of the band, empty field etc is great. Great sound. Should have left the stupid story line out. This is not a Brittiny Spears band. Just David turning away and the band would have been enough. I guess even the best blow it.

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