Video: Sacha Baron Cohen Gives Eminem A Facefull At MTV Movie Awards

Oh, it is ON between Eminem, Sacha Baron Cohen and the producers of the MTV Movie Awards. Em had just finished performing a medley of songs from his new album Relapse. He was sitting in the audience when Cohen’s gay alter-ego, Bruno, flew overhead in a dove outfit, chanting, “Ich bin Bruno. Ich bin dove of peace –” baring his naked butt…and landed upside down on Eminem’s lap. Needless to say, Em was NOT amused, and walked out with his entourage in tow!

Rumors are flying that he may SUE for the teabagging. A sense of humor is not one of Eminem’s strengths, so expect some noise about this one. Snarkista, however, found it pretty dang hilarious!